Most kids are afraid at night because of the darkness. In their room, they might wish to have a bright room with magic to get rid of monsters under their bed. Some kids believe that there will be monsters around them at night. Having magical DIY lights will make the room looks brighter. Furthermore, those items will look great in their room too. You can buy lights at a store or create them by hand. Check out our list below and get inspired!

Mason Jar Night Lights

Mason jar night lights


These crafts are easy to do even for a DIY newbie. Take the mason jars in your storage. Paint them in any colors and patterns you want. Ask your kids to paint them with you. Then, let them dry for several hours. After that, you will get beautiful mason jar night lights for your kids’ room.

Illuminated Canvas Light

Take a white canvas. Write the words you want. It might be a quote or just your family’s initial name. Then, trace the words with a pencil. Paint the rest in dark colors. Prepare a frame and add a bulb to it. After that, attach the canvas to the frame. Switch on the bulb and you can see your words shine at night.

DIY Vintage Camera Night Light

What you have to prepare are a vintage plastic camera, nightlight, and candelabra base socket. Attach them in one vertical way. This project may need several hours but the result is mind-blowing. It can be put in your kids’ room, kitchen, or master bedroom. The vintage look makes it will never go out of date.

Glowing Rope Night Light

What about this glowing rope night light? Having this pretty cool rope night light will not make your decor out of date. Even it will match any home style you have. The string lights that are attached to the rope will shine at night and make your kids’ room brighter every night.

DIY Pyramid Night Light

This cool pyramid night light will not only work well for your kids’ room, but also for your home office. The shape makes it match all designs. Even if you put it in a small nook, the light will shine and become the focal interest.

DIY Wire Wastebasket Night Light

It is time to repurpose your old wastebasket. Add some colorful ribbons and lights inside. Then, hang the wire wastebasket night light somewhere in your home. Switch on the light at night and see how beautiful this DIY night light is.


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