If you want inspiration in repurposing ideas, while at the same time you have old leather belts, the ideas below are definitely made for you. Check all the ideas on DIY Inexpensive Repurposing Leather Belt Ideas For Décoration.

Repurposed Leather Belt Message Board

It is a message board made from a cork pad and an old leather belt. You can use the belt to frame and hang the cork pad. After that, the entire look has a very western feel to it. On the other hand, this would be great in the nursery or even in the barn for keeping vet schedules and such. The materials you will need are a cork mat for the kitchen or a circle that you cut from a piece of cork with the desired surface thickness, a model knife,  belt, glue, and cones.

Leather Belt Curtain Ties

Leather belt curtain ties DIY Inexpensive Repurposing Leather Belt Ideas For Décoration


Look at these lovely views! The dark leather against light fabric is so adorable. It is a great idea of using old belts for curtain ties. They look so elegant and would look really perfect in a den. Here, you can just have to cut your belt to size and add decorate screws to help them hold your curtains back. Last, these would look beautiful against white curtains.

Vintage Belt Wrapped Vase

It is time to turn an ordinary vase into something of beauty with a vintage belt. First, you can just have to wrap the belt around the vase and you’re all done. After that, you could also do this with colorful belts for bridal bouquets or bridesmaids’ bouquets. Next, just wrap and that’s it! The rustic look of this will be perfect for displaying in any room in the house.

DIY Leather Display Shelf Hanger

Do this simple action when you have a shelf that you want to hang to display something great. An old belt can be turned into a great strap that will instantly draw attention to your shelf presentation. After that,  you will know that whatever you are displaying is sure to be seen.

DIY Belted Chair

Do you have an old chair that needs a new seat? You can try to renew that chair with a handful of leather belts. You can just weave the belts through each other and then fasten them on the bottom of the chair with staples. Look how gorgeous is this! You will love the vintage look of it and how easy it is to create.

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