Do you know that a letterpress drawer as a thin wooden tray with compartments can have a more functional repurpose project? Here you will get the DIY idea to repurpose your drawer into a useful item. All ideas are collected in DIY Functional Repurpose Ideas Of Letterpress Drawers.

Essential Oil Storage From Letterpress Drawers

Essential oil storage from letterpress drawers DIY Functional Repurpose Ideas Of Letterpress Drawers


Jewelry storage is a common thing. Look at this essential oil storage to make it easier in finding the oil you want to apply today. It is made by letterpress drawers then you can sort the bottles by color to make the storage solution more sightly.

Letterpress Drawer Into A Table

Table DIY Functional Repurpose Ideas Of Letterpress Drawers


Through this idea, you can finally find that instead of making a table, transform a letterpress drawer into a wall cabinet by building a cabinet frame and using the drawer as a door is a good idea.

A Shadowbox Vignette Using Vintage Finds

Letterpress drawers create perfect shadow boxes that can be changed out and rearranged often. Then, the particular setup incorporates dozens of eclectic antique items. You can put here your postcards, dried flowers, silk or lace ribbon spools, embossed sewing scissors, old letters or photos, mini perfume bottles, feathers, and miniature frames.

Letterpress Drawers For Kids Room

This is a smart idea in creating functional repurpose letterpress drawers as storage in your kids’ playroom. Here, your kids will be able to put their action figures, animals, matchbox cars, tiny lego figures, a collection of Shopkins, mini teacups, and saucers. On the other hand, you can use a piece of glass so that your kids will not have access to the miniatures all the time.

Store Cotton Thread And Sewing Supplies

Do you like to sew? If the answer is yes then this project is a good idea for you. To create this idea, you can pick up a lot of vintage thread spools and create a fun visual for not a lot of money to spent. Besides, to take the concept even further, you can gather varying patterns of vintage fabric and line the back of each compartment.

Letterpress Drawer To Display Jewelry

Here you can simply hang the wooden tray on a wall and add eye screws in each compartment. Then, for added storage, you may hang larger hooks on the bottom panel for your scarves.


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