Every kid loves to get gifts. They want any gift almost every day. No matter there is a celebration or not. Gifts are awesome for them and will boost their mood. It will be much better for us to make some DIY gifts for our kids with our personal touches. If you are looking for DIY gifts for kids’ ideas, you are on the right site. Check out our lists below to get more inspiring gift ideas for kids!

DIY Unicorn Bookmark

Diy unicorn bookmark


Do your kids love to read books? Create this DIY unicorn bookmark by printing the shape from the internet. Then, apply it in any paper color you like. Feel free to add glitter or not. Then, give colorful ribbons to spruce it up. Easy, right?

DIY Edible Playdough for Kids

Playdough never fails to make any kids happy. This DIY playdough is easy to make by hand and affordable. What you need to prepare are flour, oil, and a little bit of water. It will be much better if you add food coloring to it.

DIY Unicorn Planter

What a cute planter is this! It will be nice to put it on your kid’s desk. The unicorn with glittered horn and flowers look cute. Feel free to plant succulents, herbs, flowers, or cacti. Make sure that the planter design will match your decor.

DIY Felt Picture Books

Look at this felt picture book that any mother can make easily. Customize the colors and patterns that your kids will love. This project requires sewing skill ability. However, you will only spend several minutes finishing it.

Cute Winter Spun Crochet Mittens Pattern

Imagine your kids with these spun crochets in their pockets. These are easy to make, even if you are a beginner. However, it might need several minutes or even an hour to finish one crochet with a mitten pattern like this. So, just be ready to spend your leisure time this week!

DIY Rainbow Organizer From Paper Straw

This little DIY rainbow organizer works well to keep pens, pencils, markers, and or other similar stuff. Put this DIY organizer on your desk will also function as a decorative accent. We adore the colorful look and texture that eye-catching and chic.

DIY Hair Bow From Felt

Cute, isn’t it? This pretty hair bow is made of some felts. You are free to customize the shape and color as you like. Then, give your handmade hair bow to the little girl you love. She might so happy to get it from you.


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