In this article, we will discuss how to reuse used goods into lights that also have aesthetic value. Starting from the reuse of used plastic spoons, used bottles, used boxes to waste paper into lights that have aesthetic value and can be used for decorating at home.

  1. Lamp from Plastic Spoon


To make this lamp does not need special skills, simply by using simple equipment such as glue, cutlery, wires and lights you can try to make it at home.

  1. Lamp from Drum Set


The idea for making this lamp comes from Matt Ludwig an expert in welding and the manufacture of metal tools. This lamp is made to honor its predecessor restaurant called “The Drum”.

  1. Lamp from Unused Box


The light effects produced from the Tetra Box are quite unique, producing lights with striped patterns. Maybe you can make it also to decorate the room to make it look unique.

  1. Lamps from Unused Bottle


Use a very simple tool, the bottle and sunshine, was created “A Litter of Light”. This idea has then become an inspiration in various countries to solve energy problems especially in lagging residential areas.

  1. Lamps from the Unused Lace


Lamp called Lace Lamp / Doily Lamp is made of materials that are easy to find such as lace and balloons. For explanation and steps of manufacture can be seen here

  1. Cloud Lamp from Paper


Using a simple medium of paper, these lights can provide a comfortable atmosphere for the baby’s room. In addition to making the lighting of the lamp in the room more comfortable when the baby is sleeping, decoration design of these lamps also provide a friendly atmosphere for babies.

  1. Lamp from Unused Paper Glass


Light decoration creations using used paper cups. By rearranging used paper cups and adding lights in them, these lamps from the glass will likely make the room lighting more beautiful and comfortable.

  1. Lamps from Unused Paper Cuts


By cutting the scrap paper and pasting it on the old lantern that he found, then created a unique lamp installed in a family room.

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