For you who loves chicken, having a chicken coop may be one of the most important places to save their lovely chickens. But, a place for the chicken to stay should have aesthetic value as well. Just pay attention to the design and color of the chicken coop. Here are some awesome chicken coop design ideas for you to save your chicken;

Bright Chicken Coop

Bright chicken coop


If you love your chicken, please make a super noticeable chicken coop for them. It helps them find out where they have to sleep tonight. A bright chicken coop makes them easy to find the place where they will sleep well and wake up early morning.

Shed Chicken Coop

Having a lonely shed may help you to re purpose it to another useful thing. Make it as a chicken coop and you will see how your chickens covered well at this place. Here, you are please to paint the wall with bright color such as blue or yellow to make it easy to see at night.

Budget Chicken Coop

When you only have limited budget, you can make this simple chicken coop design. You only have to spend for about $50 to create this astounding building. Follow the instruction and you will admire the result of this easy project.

Urban Chicken Coop

It can be one of alternative chicken coop designs for you who live at city. It doesn’t require wide space but will make you chicken feel comfort. With minor framing activities, this chicken coop looks quite good for urban style.

Pallet Chicken Coop

Old pallets can be used as the material for making an outstanding chicken coop as well. Paint it with cheerful color will give you better result. You can make it with your children to teach them how to care their pets.

Chicken Coop Cabin

This is a brilliant idea for the one who loves chicken. It helps you to have privacy room for your chickens and let them grow well. Just don’t forget to feed them every day with the best chicken food and clean their coop to make sure their healthy.

Navy Blue Chicken Coop

Save your chicken at this lovely place with navy blue color. It looks great to your chickens to grow together in one place. You need wider space to create this lovely coop, but this style makes your chickens more comfort.

Triangle Chicken Coop

If you only have little chickens, you can build this triangle chicken coop. It doesn’t ask you to have more carpentry skill but you need to have the basic one. Your chicken will feel comfort to stay at this creative chicken coop.

Minty Chicken Coop

Pay attention to this stunning color of chicken coop of this design. Even though this is only a chicken coop building, but you cannot avoid the beauty aspect to make it look awesome. This building looks like a tiny house for chicken, doesn’t it?

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