In addition to building the foundation and building, of course you also need decoration and some additional properties. However, property prices are increasing so often make us confused. You have to spend a lot of money in order to realize a comfortable home. With a little touch of creativity and hard work, these things can definitely create.

  1. Instead of a used glass bottle filling the warehouse, just plant it in the yard.


Color the bottle with the color you like. Then filled with sand. However, without being pre-filled with sand, this bottle can also be planted directly on the ground in the yard.

  1. Capitalized strong glue and wire, vines that you plant can look more special.


Make the pattern of the vines more organized. Just use the silicone glue and iron pin or wall trellis kit. After that plug and tie the wire according to the pattern of plants that you created earlier.

  1. In order to make your house look more eccentric, just install a stepping stone with unique motifs.
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To make the home page look more beautiful and well maintained, stepping stone can be one way to make it happen.

  1. Backyard will look more cheerful with a mushroom bench around the house, especially if the shape of red mushrooms.


Way, prepare a circle of wood. Then paint with red paint and some extra white dots will look like mushrooms. Then, plug in the logs in the yard.

  1. Water faucet in the yard no longer fall apart, if you make a “doormat” of the rocks.


Simply create a square-shaped frame of wood, then collect a few stone times into it. Do not forget to install near the faucet by digging the soil with a depth of 3 cm first.

  1. Capital brick and thin foam, you can make a comfortable and unique bench. How to make it very practical.


Only by arranging the rectangle to form a rectangle and additional foam thin and void on it, comfortable sofa can be created in front of the house.

  1. The beauty can not only be created with flowers, candles are lit up during dark night also make your house so different.


You can use cans of milk and long wood. Put both using concrete nails to be stronger.

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Then apply paint to color more pleasing to the eye.

  1. Do not waste your car tires first!
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    Because if you want to accumulate this thing can be a table.


Beautiful house is not a must, you can take advantage of used goods as a replacement. One of them is using a used car or motorcycle tire.

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