Do you have a lot of household appliances long enough not used? Are you interested in buying a new one or throwing it away? Do not do it first! Utilizing used goods and a little imagination and creativity, you can turn it into a more valuable item and certainly looks special. Curious? Here is an example of your inspiration.

  1. Wall Lamp


Have a used filter not used? You can make a wall lamp using an unused sieve again. The way you simply color the filter, cover the lamp with a used filter, paste it to the wall and your room will look much different.

  1. Lights Hanger


Unused cups can be made to make the chandelier look unique and interesting, Especially if your tea cup has a different pattern, of course, make it more perfect.

  1. Candle holder


You can make candlesticks using your used kitchen utensils. For example, the already obsolete funnel can be used as a candle that looks antique.

  1. Lap Rack


You can make your own rack using a bread mill. If you want to make it, you need to be careful, because the bread mill must be cut before it is mounted on the wall and used.

  1. Photo Frame


Create something new to remember the photos of your loved ones. Instead of using a regular-looking photo frame and that’s it, just use a cookie cutter to make a picture.

  1. Plant Marker



Plants in your garden will look more attractive if installed with a plant marker. No need to stick wood or board, you can use a used spoon to be a marker.

  1. Plants Pot


Do not buy a new pot, because you can use a jar instead. In order to look attractive, paint three or more jars of the color you like, input the plants there, then put inside or outside the home room.

  1. Earrings and Accessories Place


There is a practical way that can be used to rearrange your earrings and accessories. Use an unused grater, store and hang your accessories there to look more presentable.

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