The weather outside might be so cold, it means that your kids are safer to play inside. Ask them to make a craft will be a great idea. Find out DIY or craft projects that are easy to copy and less budget. You may make a snowman craft, snowflake, or others. In this article, we recommend you make these winter crafts to have fun activities with your kids. Let us check them out further!

DIY Cool Paper Plate Grinch

Why don’t you ask your kid to make this easy craft? There is nothing hard to do to create a paper plate grinch like this. Paint the paper plate with green paint. Then, cut it to look like a face. Add a red hat to it to complete the design. Attach them to each other by using glue.

DIY Paper Plate Snow Globes

Diy paper plate snow globes

Buy plastic snow globe craft template at the nearest store in your city with other supplies needed like plastic paper basic, styrofoam crafts snow, and other kinds of stuff. Draw a snowman at the paper plate and add the snow. After that, close with plastic snow globe craft.

Glass Jars Snowglobe

In this picture, we see some glass jars snowglobe that looks awesome at the windowsill. The creator put on artificial snow, a tiny Christmas tree, and a mini snowman inside. You are free to spray the jars with any spray adhesive. Make them stable with hot glue.

DIY Shock Snowman

Look at this snowman that appears so cute. Make this craft is not hard. Take your white sock and fill it with rice. Give blue sock on the top of it that functions as the hat. Dray the face by using a colored pencil. Then, add some colorful buttons to spruce it up.

DIY Pom Pom Mitten

Pom pom mitten looks great to be hung in your kids’ room. Make more mittens with different colors to get a cheerful room. This is a super easy project that your kids will love to make. Feel free to customize the size.

Grinch Hand Print For Fun

There are many handprints spread out on the internet. Complete the grinch look by adding colorful card stock. Add the eyes, nose, mouth, and eyebrows. This overwhelming project is priceless. So, you can save your money.

Super-Cute Snowman

Super cute snowman

Print the snowman templates from the internet. Attach them to the clothespins by using hot glue. Cut the center part where you can open and shut. Then, show it to your kids and have a chit-chat.

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