We can make various paper crafts for Christmas. Furthermore, the paper is easy to shape even for a new crafter. The paper price is inexpensive, so anyone can buy it at the nearest store. However, the one who wants to make paper garland crafts for Christmas should be more creative. There are various garland shapes that you can adopt. In this article, we give you simple but creative garland ideas to inspire you. Let us check them out!

Brightly Colored Cardboard Craft

Brightly colored cardboard craft

Do you want to add some colors for your house this Christmas? This picture shows us that brightly colored cardboard craft works well for almost any house type in any room decoration. The kids will love this craft too. See how the colors give big impacts to the decoration instantly.

Scandinavian Tree Garland

Scandinavian tree garland

It isn’t a hard thing at all to create this cute Scandinavian tree garland for your room decoration. Just find black or other dark color papers to make the trees. Make sure that you cut them in trees’ shape. Then, arrange them in a thread to make a garland. Put the garland that you have made in a window.

Santa And Reindeer Garland

Santa and reindeer garland

Look at these cute garlands that anyone will wish to have. Santa and reindeers are made of paper. You should be careful to cut the garland. Though it looks simple, a tiny mistake will break them all. Put this simple garland for your mantel or window.

Window Garland For Christmas

Window garland for christmas

If you love a vintage style for your Christmas decor, this picture might inspire you. Look at the font that so eye-catching in red. There are various patterns that spruce up this garland as well. This decoration will never out of date.

Music Paper Garland

Music paper garland

Christmas will be so sorrowful without music. It can be an idea to make a paper garland with music touches. See this picture below that merely show you a simple look but eye-catching. The garland made of music paper is so classic.

Paper Balls Garland

Paper balls garland

What do you think of this paper balls garland? We love the shape as well as the color. Using this paper garland to decorate a tabletop Christmas tree might become a nice idea. Or, you can add this to your window decoration.

Mini Present Garland

Mini present garland

Take some cardboard strips to make this cute mini present garland. Combine with tissue paper to get a different texture. Hang it on the mantel, window, or anywhere you wish.

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