Talking about the interesting craft ideas, it will be closely related with the papercraft. Well, I remember there was a time when my mom surprised me with her new skill, making some handicraft made by paper-like paper flower as livingroom’s ornament, paper birds that she hung on my bedroom and some others. At that time I realized that paper is not just a media to write on, but it could be something more than that, interesting handcraft.

In Japan, this papercraft is named with Origami. It is a paper art by folding it into some characters. This kind of papercraft is fit for your children leaning media, mostly for the toddler. It is so attractive and can entertain them because of their unique character to be. But, if you think that origami is too complicated then you can start with a simple one like cut some color papers in some sizes and pattern than you can make them into penguin-like. Another is you can make a flower ornament which has a 3D effect, it is like a popup flower that is perfect to be presented as a wedding or any party decoration.

Making paper crafts to decorate the door maybe this heart-shaped bouquet of flowers can be your choice.

Making pencil cases from paper is something you should try. this time we made this cute octopus design.

This papercraft lanterns can be for all ages, you can make it easily after seeing this picture. moreover, you can combine several colors to make a beautiful appearance.

This penguin-shaped craft can be your choice to make your child happy.

You can make garlands from this beautiful paper. combine with folded paper crafts hanging.

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If your gift you look beautiful maybe you can make flower crafts from this paper to beautify it.

If you have an empty planter you can fill it with flower crafts made of this paper. easy to make and very cheap on a budget.

If you want to make your living room look attractive you might be able to make lantern lamps from this elegant patterned paper.

Make a frame made of patterned paper to complete your wall. can also be used as a rack to put your antiques.

Make lantern lamps from this paper. after that hang it on the table to make your room look different.

Make paper crafts to beautify your walls. use patterned paper after that, make three rectangles and stick it on the wall of your house.

Making a pattern paper planter can indeed enhance the beauty of your room. combine with beautiful artificial flowers.

Making decorations from hanging paper can indeed make your room not boring. meanwhile, butterfly-shaped paper crafts make your room feel natural.

This papercraft is perfect for making your desk more colorful. moreover, having bright colors and beautiful shapes can make your home look beautiful.

You can also make a wreath of paper. cut pieces of paper with different shapes and shapes that resemble floral arrangements.

You can decorate an additional storage area with a paper-shaped flower to make it more attractive.

You can enhance your makeup mirror with paper crafts in the shape of a butterfly to get the perfect look.

You can make lamp wrappers by using paper with this leaf pattern.

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This is a very beautiful papercraft. it has a soft blend of three colors that is suitable to put in your bedroom.

This mini hat is made of paper that you might also be able to make yourself at home. make with various colors.

You can beautify your window with this flower-shaped papercraft. place it on the window to get a more beautiful appearance.

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If you want to have a simple party then you need to decorate your house, well papercraft is the best decoration that you can make. It is super easy to make, DIY, and also it is cheaper. There are a lot of papercraft that you can make for your party which some ideas are listed above.

Furthermore, there are a lot of ways to beautify your house by giving artsy touch, like adding papercraft. Since it is easy to make yet less expensive, so whenever you want to change them with other types of ornament, so it would be easier and it is not a big matter then. It is also easy to maintain, just avoid to water, even splashing water. You also need to clean it from dust because it also can store dust which can make your room unhealthy.

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