Indoor entertainment will be one of the most important things to gain this winter. Since, winter will make us spend more time inside, seeing our interior is something that we can deny. So, to get a refreshing feel after working outside, we need cool indoor entertainment. One of the easiest ways is crafting. In this section, we are going to show you more about winter craft that will improve your room appearance. Check out!

Easy Crafty Snowman

Find out hexagonal woods and paint them in white. Use one of them as the head, while another for the body. Then, add other accessories like eyes, nose, and lips. Feel free to add anything to complete its look. See this picture with a cute snowman that your kid will love.

Snowy Mountain For Winter

Nowy mountain for winter

Look at the mountain that looks like a real mountain in brown. The creator adds many trees on top of it to get a fresh appearance. We can imagine seeing this mountain in front of us with snow anywhere. So, fantastic!

Stained Glass Gloves

Gloves are the most common winter pieces that anyone has. Make this craft is not a hard thing to do. Just take a space in your window and adhere to some tissue papers. Then, create the hand shape. This craft looks so simple and tells more about winter.

Cute Snowman Baskets

The baskets look so cute with the snowman shape. You can create similar baskets to complete your winter decor. Cover your bucket or wicker with white felt. Add eyes, nose, mouth, and other accessories need. What a cool project!

Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

Being creative is less budget. Look at these toilet paper rolls that look so cute for your window decoration. Those papers act as a little family with a dad, mom, and two kids. See how the creates the expression that so awesome.

Paper Plate Penguin

If you have paper plates that are not used anymore, change them to be penguin crafts that your kids will love to make. See the picture! The creator uses the paper plate as the body. Add the head from another paper. Add the eyes, nose, and foot. The penguins look so cute.

Cut The Papers

Cut the papers

No need glitters. No need for glue. Just cut the paper into snowman shapes or other shapes you want. Feel free to use any colors you like. Hang this ornament anywhere you wish.

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