Indoor entertainment will be one of the most important things to gain this winter. Since, winter will make us spend more time inside, seeing our interior is something that we can deny. So, to get a refreshing feel after working outside, we need cool indoor entertainment. One of the easiest ways is crafting. In this section, we are going to show you more about winter craft that will improve your room appearance. Check out!

Easy Crafty Snowman

This Snowman is made using wooden block material so it will present a creative look. Equipped with a beanie, this snowman looks more perfect. Wooden Block Snowman from @ellenscraftsandmore.

The white pom poms that are strung together to become a snowman ornament look unique and have managed to catch the attention of both children and adults. You can display it on your windowsill so it will be the perfect window treatment. Pom Pom Snowman from @gcl.gwen.

Snowy Christmas Tree Forest 

Check out this Christmas tree forest craft. Created using a bottle brush, it will make this Christmas tree forest look real. A sprinkling of white powder will give the perfect snowy feel. Bottle Brush Christmas tree Forest from @deniefelts.

Stained Glass Gloves

Gloves are the most common winter piece of clothing that anyone can own. Making this craft is not a difficult thing to do. Just take some space in your window and stick some tissue paper. Then, create a hand shape. This craft looks very simple and tells more about winter. Glove Craft from @misszeesactivities.

Cute Snowman Baskets

The basket looks very cute with a snowman shape. Car your wicker baskets in white. Add the needs of the eyes, nose, mouth, and other accessories so it will look perfect. Very cool project! Wicker Snowman Basket from @lifewithtraci.

Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

Creative and inspiring. This snowman is made using tissue roll so it’s simpler but still looks perfect. Equipped with a beanie and scarf will make this snowman look real.¬†White and Blue Snowman from @janesdoodles.

Made using white tissue roll, this snowman ornament looks very creative. The creator completes it with eyes, nose, mouth and also a scarf so that this snowman looks adorable. White and Red Snowman from

Paper Plate Penguin

Turn your paper plate into a winter penguin craft. Here you only need to paint it black and add eyes, nose and legs. And this penguin looks very cute. Black Penguin from @abcdeelearning.

Look at the picture! The creators used paper plates as penguin bodies. Having a black and white color combination will make it look more beautiful and look very real. Paper Plate Penguin from @camdencouncilnsw.

3D Paper Snowflake

No glitter needed. No need for glue. Just cut the paper into a snowflake shape. Then you can string them together to form a 3D snowflake. Lastly hang this ornament anywhere you want. 3D Snowflake from @kalonjijp.

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