Holidays come sooner and we should make more crafts. Yes, if you love to decorate your home with your own handmade things, you have to prepare all the things needed. Think over what do you want to make. Christmas lets you be more creative than before. You are free to make a cute Santa or a big snowman in your house. Feel free to create anything related to Holidays. If you are looking for inspiring crafts for Christmas, check out our lists below and get inspired.

Unique Wood Log Reindeer

Unique wood log reindeer

Creating this craft will not need much time. Cut a wooden log in any size needed. Then, add some accessories to create the face like googly eyes, pom pom nose, and ribbon. You can add green grasses to make its hair. Put this beside your Christmas tree or any space you want.

Gnome Wine Bottle Cover

Gnome wine bottle cover

What do you think of this craft? Dress up your wine bottles and make them more eye-catching. We believe that your table decor will be much more interesting with this gnome wine bottle cover. What you need to prepare are felt or flannel to make the hat, pom pom for its nose, and faux fur for the bread.

Giant Holly Berry And Leaf Craft

Giant holly berry and leaf craft

The kids will love to make Christmas crafts with you. This giant holly berry dan leaf works very well for your holiday decor. Moreover, you will only need less than 10 minutes to finish this craft. Ask your kids to craft this with you. It is super easy and adorable.

Rustic Yarn Star Christmas Tree Ornament

Rustic Yarn Star Christmas Tree Ornament

Yarns are versatile to make any ornament. In this picture, we see a rustic yarn star made of yarn. Feel free to customize the size and color as you like. Then, add a red ribbon to make it more eye-catching. Hang this on a Christmas tree or put it anywhere.

DIY Rope Snowman Christmas

Diy rope snowman christmas

You don’t need to buy expensive supplies to make this DIY Rope Snowman. Wrap two ping pong balls with white yarn. Make the face by adding buttons for the eyes, flannel for the nose and mouth. Then, use a black cup to make its hat. The tools needed are scissors, a ruler, and glue.

DIY North Pole Street Light

Diy north pole street light

If you want to feel like visiting a place where Santa lives, this DIY north pole might be what you need. The materials are easy to find and cheap. Even, the kids will love to make this craft with you.




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