You might already be competent in painting wood or paper. What about painting on the glass? Dare to do it? Glass surface is more slippery than wood. Painting it might become a challenge. If you want to try a new experience in painting, try this project. You can start by painting a glass, bowl, or anything in your kitchen. Then, you will see how beautiful glass painting crafts are. Check out our list below to get more inspiration further! Are you ready to craft?

Glass Plate Painting Craft

Glass plate painting craft


We believe you can make this craft. If you can draw well on paper, doing it in a glass will be different. But you have at least basic drawing skills. You can display this craft on the wall, on a shelf, or anywhere. Make sure that you draw a beautiful pattern. So, it will add artistic value to your plate.

Painting Glass Bottle

What a creative craft! Don’t you want to make it? Prepare a bottle and clean it. Then, get some paints, brushes, and pencils. Draw the pattern on the bottle and start painting it one by one. Then, let it dry under the sun. Feel free to customize it if you like. Easy, right?

Cute DIY Dotted Tumblers

Imagine you have these tumblers in your kitchen. They are so cute. Making this craft is not hard at all. You only need to paint the glass with some colorful dots. Then, let it dry under the sun. Feel free to use it for drinking, or you may display it on your shelf. 

DIY Project Painted Glass Table Top

Improve your glass table design soon! Do it by painting in any color you want. Furthermore, you are free to design it you love by painting. See the picture! It is a glass table with triangle patterns. Do you love it? You can do so for your table. Check out Designsponge to see the instructions further!

DIY Painted Candle Holder

Make candle holders in your version and display them on the desk. It is not a tricky project and is affordable for anyone. Take your votive candle holders and paint them out with any design you love. Follow the instructions about how to make it here

DIY Painted Fish Bowl

Ask your kids to paint the fish bowl this weekend. They will love this project. Painting it is super easy. Let your fish get a new home with this craft. Customize the design you want.


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