Wood beads are one type of bead that can be used for various purposes. Both crafts and for home decoration. This is one of the inexpensive materials that you can use to enhance your home decor. They are versatile and go with almost any decor. Whether farmhouse, rustic, or bohemian. Are you still confused about what you can make with wood beads? Actually, there are many home decoration projects that you can make with wood beads. Here, all you need is creativity to get the best results.

Here, you can use wood beads to make seasonal decoration. For example, you can make a garland and wreath with wood beads. If you looking for a fall decorative item, make your own pumpkins from the wood bead. Next, if you are looking for a simple but impressive decoration for your home, you can make wood bead tassels. These beautiful strands can be made to be hung on the mantel or wrapped around a vase. For another idea, use the wood beads to make a coaster, towel ring, hanging decoration, lampshade, pendant light, mirror frame, and more. If you need more ideas, take a look at the pictures below.

Wooden Bead Tray from feltmagnet

Beaded Trivet from feltmagnet

Towel Rings from feltmagnet

Wooden Bead Pumpkin from feltmagnet

DIY Beaded Pumpkin from feltmagnet

Coastal Famhouse Garland from feltmagnet

Wall Hanging from feltmagnet

Fall Garland from feltmagnet

DIY Bead Star from feltmagnet

Candle Stick Makeover from feltmagnet

Black Wooden Bead from feltmagnet

Beaded Garland from feltmagnet

Gnome Accent from feltmagnet

Bead Chandelier from ourcraftymom Yellow Bead Napkin RIng from ourcraftymom Wooden ead Wreath from ourcraftymom Wooden Bead and Shell from ourcraftymom Wood Dormat from ourcraftymom Wooden Bead lamp from ourcraftymom Farmhouse Pumpkin Decor from ourcraftymom Disstresed Farmhouse Decor from ourcraftymom Farmhouse Wood Bead Garland from ourcraftymom

Famhouse Bead Pumpkin from ourcraftymom

DIY Wood Bead Chandelier  from shelterness Wood Bead Chandelier from shelterness Oversized Wood Bead from shelterness Colorful Wood Bead Pendant from shelterness Wood Bead Coaster from shelterness Colorful Bead Trivet from shelterness Geometric Wood Bead Trivet from shelterness Wood Bead Mirror Frame from shelterness Wood Bead and Tassel from shelterness

Candle Holder from shelterness

Farmhouse Bead from bobvila Bead Wraped Vases from bobvila Doorknob Hanger from bobvila Wood Bead Tray from bobvila Wood Bead and Tassel Garland from bobvila Hanging Photo from bobvilaHanging Wood Bead Planter from bobvila Wrapped Candle from bobvila Wood Bead Stacked Book from bobvila

Wood Bead Curtain Ring from bobvila

Coastal Wood Bead Decor from diyjoy

Chandelier from diyjoy

Werath and Tassel from makecalmlovelyTowel Holder from makecalmlovely Napkin Ring from makecalmlovely Wood Bead and Pompom from makecalmlovely

DIY Project Wood Bead from makecalmlovely

DIY Chandelier Wood Bead from decorpad
Table Lamp Garland from decorpad
Paint Wood Bead Garland from decorpad

Wood Bead Vases Garland from homebncDIY Wood Wreath from mycreativedays

Wood Bead Decor from homedit

Wood Bead Fall from goodhousekeeping

Wood Bead Garland from contemporist

Christmas Garland from home-designing

Wood Bead Pendant Lamp from decorpad


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