Crafts involving Perler beads can be endless. Not only cheap and easy to find but they can also be used to make beautiful jewelry and accessories. In addition to crafts, these Perler beads can be used to make gifts, such as a beaded wreath. Especially for this summer, you can make some summer crafts with Perler beads. This is a great project to take on with children because it can be done on a weekend! Then, what summer crafts you can make using Perler beads.

During summer, you can be more creative with perler beads. If you are looking for some quick and easy perler bead crafts for summertime, then look no further than this article. There are numerous creative bead crafts for summer that use perler beads. You can make a coaster, garland, glass cover, photo frame, flower arrangement, resemble to the animal figure, and more. The possibilities are endless, thus, use your creativity to make a summer craft with perler beads. Below are some ideas to inspire you.

Perler Bead Unicorn from diycraftsy 

Colorful Lolipop from diycraftsy Perler Bead Flip Flop from diycraftsy  Rainbow Bead from diycraftsy

Peler Bead Garland from diyjoy 
Perler Beads Drink Topper from diyjoy 

Perler Bead Candle Holder  from diyjoy Fun Fruit Keyrings from diyjoy
Bead Owls from diyjoy  Flower Tray Bead from diyjoy  DIY Perler Bead Rainbow Wind Spinners from diyjoy  
Perler Bead Garden Marker from diyjoy 

Fruit Topper Glass from diyjoy

Blooming Perler Cacti from diyjoy  

Perler Bead Fruit Coaster from diyjoy

Beaded Zip Tie Necklace from diyjoy Perler Bead Jar Art  from hgtv  Perler Bead Flower Pots  from hgtv 

Peler Bead Coaster Art from hgtv

 Food Craft from hative

Colorful Peler Bead Frame from hative

Peler Bead Boot from hative DIY Flower Potted from hative Blue Butterfly Bead from hativeFish Peler Bead from hative 3D Perler Bead Pirate Ship from hative Colorful Turtle from hative Rainbow Peler Bead from hative

Colorful Peler Bead Bowl from hative

DIY Mermaid Peler Bead from diycraftsy  Summer Perler Bead Accessories from diycraftsy  Fast Food Perler Bead Coasters from diycraftsy  Fruit-shaped Peler Bead from diycraftsy  Shark Perler Bead Pattern from diycraftsy

Roses Flower Peler Bead from diycraftsy

Flamingo and Fruit Peler Bead from thematernalhobbyist

Perler Bead Watermelon from krysanthe Perler Bead Ice Cream Cone from krysanthe Perler Bead Palm Tree from krysanthe Yellow and Blue Fish from krysanthe Beach bucke Perler Beads from krysanthe Perler Bead Sailboat from krysanthe

Pop Sicle Peler Bead from krysanthe

DIY Geometric Fused Bead Coasters from justbrightideas   Perler Bead Monograms from justbrightideas  DIY Perler Bead Clock from justbrightideas  Perler Bead Drink Cover from justbrightideas  DIY Perler Beads Fruit bowl from justbrightideas  Perler Bead Trivet from justbrightideas 

Colorful Potted Bead from justbrightideas

Summer Pineapple Craft  from craftcreatecook

Geometric Coaster Perler Bead from goodhousekeeping

Fruit bead Topper from goodhousekeeping

Colorful Cuffs from goodhousekeeping
Watermelon Phone Case from wonderfuldiy

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