The ideas below are great to inspire you of sunglasses holder. The good news is you can make it yourself at home with easy-to-find materials. All ideas are collected in Pretty And Easy To Make Epic DIY Sunglasses Holder Ideas

Like A Tree Sunglasses Holder

Like a tree sunglasses holder Pretty And Easy To Make Epic DIY Sunglasses Holder Ideas


It is the first idea to show for your sunglasses holder. The supplies you need are wood plaque, dowel, wood glue, gold spray paint, drill, and drill bits. After you finish creating this holder, it offers you easy to reach sunglasses.

Ring Sunglasses Holder

Ring sunglasses holder Pretty And Easy To Make Epic DIY Sunglasses Holder Ideas


Easy sunglasses holder is a pretty smart idea as your DIY projects to hold sunglasses and as a decor item. Here, the supplies you need are ½ inch wire, wire cutter, copper spray paint, 1/8 inch diameter nails, hammer, hot glue gun, glue sticks, and level. The different shades of the rings add an extra touch to your home decoration.

Fun Faces Wall Sunglasses Holder

It is a cool, unique, fun idea as your sunglasses holder and to beautify your home. The supplies you need are wood plaque, wood circle, wood knob, 2 wood pieces, mod podge large coat, scissors, craft glue, hot glue gun, paintbrushes, command strips, foam colors to make the hair, bows, and accessories

Floral Design Sunglasses Holder

Floral design sunglasses holder is an ideal place to keep your unique shades. Besides, it is easy to make and could be made over the weekend. Then, the supplies you need are a Xyron creative life station and permanent refills, 3 wooden slabs, 1 ½ inch dowel rods, 3 dowel rod caps, scrapbooking paper, paint, foam brush, hot glue gun, glue sticker, jump rings, scissors, pliers, awl, and chain.

Sunglasses Holder Frame

This sunglasses holder frame is so cool to display and organize your shades. After that, you are pleased to use the new or old picture frame in your house. For this project, you have to remove whatever backing and glass are contained in the frame. After that, you can paint the frame your favorite color and add glitter.

Renter Friendly DIY Sunglasses Holder

It is special sunglasses shelves to display your collection in a tidy way. The materials you need are ½’’ plywood, 2 wood screws per shelf, low and medium gift sandpaper, wood butter, and large Command strips. Then, if you get your wood cut at the store it only takes a few pilot holes and screws to pull this one together.

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