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DIY Toddler Toys to Increase Their Motor Skills

Do you want to redesign the playroom? It will be nice to add some new toys for your toddlers. Their toys are not cheap. You might spend a lot of money to buy one toy from a toy store. What about creating toddler toys from old things in your home? It will save your budget and make them fun. We have collected DIY toddler toys to increase their motor skill below. Check them out and get more inspiration to make more toddler toys at home.

DIY Great Sensory Board

Diy great sensory board


You will need a cardboard box to make this sensory board. Assemble some sensory items for your baby and toddler. It can be cotton, yarn, or others. Shape them to look like a sheep, butterfly, dragonfly, or more. 

DIY Feed the Monster

Use an old container to make the monster. Cut the top area to make the mouth. Make it more alive by adding googly eyes or sticky velcro. The toddler will feed it by inserting dried colored pasta or a colored popsicle stick into it. They will learn about different colors with this toy as well.

DIY Drop And Search Activity

Make three holes in a cardboard box. Then, your toddler will play with the ball. He drops it into the hole and tries to find it again. He will repeat it several times. It is a fun toy for him. See! You don’t have to spend much money to make a toy for him.

DIY Maze With A Cardboard Box

Guide your toddler to move the ball and find the hole. Perhaps, it would be great for a two-year-old kid above because not all one-year-olds understand the concept of a maze toy. Making this DIY maze is easy peasy. Just cut a hole in the corner of a cardboard box. 

DIY Sensory Path Toy

Don’t throw bubble wrap from any box you bought. Use it to make a DIY sensory path. The toddler will step on it and feel the bubble wrap on their feet. He will love this toy and enjoy the time playing with friends. 

DIY Cardboard Box Bus

Let your two-year-old play inside. Make a DIY cardboard box bus for him. You will need a big cardboard box. Add the face by cutting some origami paper into two circles for the eyes. Customize the design you love. You may add the wheels, doors, windows, etc. Ask your toddler to make this craft with you. They will love it.


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