You might get tin cans from your food, drinks, or others. Rather than throwing them away, why don’t you use them to make some useful crafts? Tin cans are versatile and more durable. Using them as DIY project materials will create good crafts that will never go out of date. Do you want to add a lighting fixture that is easy to make and affordable? Started from candle holder to lantern, here are DIY adorable tin can lighting fixtures that will make your home brighter.

Awesome Tin Can Lampshade

Awesome tin can lampshade


Collect big tin cans or any size you need to make table lamps. Draw the surface with a marker and trace it using a screwdriver. After that, paint the tin you use in any color you want such as black, red, or yellow. Put the tin can on the table lamp. Then, see how cool the lampshade.

DIY Tin Can Lanterns

DIY tin can lanterns are suitable for party decorations. Sure, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make these awesome lanterns. Just trace your tin cans with any pattern you like. Aint the tin cans in any color you wish. Then, give it a holder made of wires. Feel free to make as many as you need.

Wonderful Candle Holder

Rustic and wonderful candle holder will be one of the most favorite tin cans DIY here. See how burlap changes the tin cans’ appearance beautifully. The creator also adds charming flowers with faux pearls. Put the candle inside and get your most favorite moment with it.

DIY Tin Can Candle Holders on The Wall

If you want to add a warm and inviting atmosphere to your home, these DIY tin can candle holders might what you need. The creator uses a big can and hangs it on the wall. Then, a little tin can candle holder is put inside. This design works well for traditional or industrial home design. But, look awesome for a modern house as well.

Tin Punched Votive Candles

These tin cans are extremely beautiful to be put on your indoor and or outdoor. Trace the template to the cans using a hammer and nails. Or you can use a screwdriver as well. Then, paint the tin cans in white. Using spray paint. Put on the candle inside.

DIY Tin Can Hanging Lantern

What about this DIY tin can hanging lantern? Take a tin can and trace it using a hammer and nails. Put on the candle inside. Then, hang it on the porch or anywhere you want.

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