Bandanas are mentioned as quite the iconic accessory. Here we offer you unpredictable ideas to use bandanas as home craft and decoration. All ideas are collected in Skillful Ideas You Can Do With Your Simple Bandana.

Bandana Sunglasses Case

Bandana sunglasses case Skillful Ideas You Can Do With Your Simple Bandana


The soft material of your bandana will help keep your sunglasses from getting scratched up when they’re in your purse. The supplies are a bandana, colorful rope, tape, and scissors.

Bandana Wreath

Bandana wreath Skillful Ideas You Can Do With Your Simple Bandana


You can create this craft for your independence day, Christmas, and winter. It needs your red, white, and blue bandanas. The other supplies you need are wreath form, scissors, and thin string for hanging.

Bandana Pillows

Bandana pillows are so fun that works for either indoor or outdoor decoration. The supplies you need to create bandana pillows are bandanas, poly-fil, square pillow insert and stitch adhesive. The bandana pillows will create an amazing look to your bed, sofa, and lounging.

Camera Strap

If you have a plain black camera strap that just wasn’t cutting it for you,  you can make it by yourself from a bandana. This project will be really straightforward! The supplies you need are a camera strap and a bandana. Then, you will also need some keyrings that you can buy at the craft store for about a buck.

Bandana Apron

Here you are pleased to create an apron from the bandana. All you need is a bandana, a length of thick ribbon, and a sewing machine. By its easy steps to create, you are free to change your bandana apron every day. Absolutely, you will really be proud of yourself through this project.

Gift Wrap

It is the idea where you can turn a bandana as gift wrap for smaller gifts. It will offer you super simple and a cute spin on regular old wrapping paper. Then, your gift recipient can use the bandana for something else once it is unwrapped!

Bandana Napkins

Bandana napkins Skillful Ideas You Can Do With Your Simple Bandana


Make sure your bandanas are clean. then, you can use them as cloth napkins! Here, you can get a matching set of several bandanas for just a few dollars, and they will look great on your table. Moreover, you can toss them in the wash after dinner and use them again! Fold your napkins in a simple way to put on your spoon, fork, and knife.

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