After the summer holidays have over, it is time to go back to school. Have you prepared your school supplies? You can buy them at the store as much as you need. But, those things are the same as what your friends. Don’t you want them to look different? Do something to upgrade your school supplies. In this article, we have gathered DIY school supplies that you can make in minutes. Check out further and get more inspiration to make your school supplies with personal touches.

Cute Chunky Tassel Bookmarks

Cute chunky tassel bookmarks


Are you reading a book? In what page? To ease you look for the page that you have read, use a bookmark. You can buy it at store or make by hand. In this picture, we see cute chunky tassel bookmarks that are easy to copy. You only have to cut a thick paper.

Leather And Wood Covered Notebook

You might need to note what your teacher saying in a notebook. Let make a different notebook by combining leather dan wood. You don’t need to make the paper, of course. Let the factory do it. Just improve the cover look with your touches. Feel free to customize the color and pattern you want.

DIY Rattan Pencil Case

If you like something unique, you can try this idea. DIY rattan pencil case will force you to be more creative. You will spend some minutes making the rattan pencil case. Then, paint it to look cute and chic. Or, you can buy a ready rattan pencil case and finish it by painting with your style.

Back-To-School Clipboard

Is the examination getting closer? Don’t forget to bring your clipboard. Make it more interesting by adding wise words, like “work it”, “just do it”, or other words. Just write the words on the clipboard with paint or colorful markers.

Easy Upcycled Binder Clips

This is a super easy DIY project of school supplies. Even, you can do it in minutes. Paint the binder clips with spraying paints. Cut the washi tape or fabric tape and attach it to the binder clips. Easy, right? Even a kindergarten student can do it well.

Awesome Pencil Topper

You can add eraser on the top of your pencil. Or, make it more interesting with plastic toy food. Drill the eraser or plastic toy food. Then, add glue. Stick the eraser on the top of your pencil. And, you get cool pencils that are so cute.

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