Being a teacher means we have to be ready with great responsibilities. Especially if we become teachers for elementary school children. our responsibilities will certainly be greater, starts with teaching them about the character education, creativity, and knowledge that they will get in elementary school. And, of course, it will have an effect until they are adults, that is why it is very important to have a good elementary school teacher. Talk about creativity, elementary school students love something fun to learn. By utilizing some of the materials that are around us, we can train them to develop their creativity.

One of the ways is to ask them to make a DIY project. In addition to exercising creativity, projects like this can stimulate children’s patience. Because decorating or making something interesting and beautiful can not be instant, they must go through the process. This kind of project can be done using simple materials, usually using colorful paper, used bottles, stones, wool cloth, knits, or ice cream sticks. With a variety of other supporting materials such as color paint, twigs or shirt buttons can also be used.

Grains for pumpkin hand craft
Paper craft with rabbit and carrot shape
Creative jar to store small objects
Creative scarecrows from origami paper
DIY mail box
DIY pencil holder
Paper craft with fish shape
Creative handicraft with butterfly shape
Paper craft with monkey shape
Unique handicrafts from shirt buttons
Hand painting and quote words
Painting on stones
Resembles a fish that made from paper
Simple artificial tree
Simple craft from paper
Simple handicraft from a ruler
Small craft halloween ornament
Tassel on the walls
Pencil holder hangers with pencil shape
Tissue Paper Apple Craft
Tree view picture
Unique Bookmark
Unique Clock
unique craft from plastic forks
unique craft from ice cream sticks
unique hand craft made by children
Unique knit craft
Unique pine craft
White cup with Rooster motive
Wooden Photo frame

For example, combining paper and colorful seeds instead of color paint. Or you can use a used mineral water bottle for decoration into something useful like a pencil holder or toy holder. You can use these items as a decoration in class or ask your students to give this craft to someone as a gift, like their family or friends. Another simple thing is to use paper to make animal ear-shaped hats. You simply provide colorful paper, scissors, and glue.

To make the classroom enjoyable, you can invite students to decorate it with a variety of crafts.  make a banner contain an inspirational quote. This can make students motivated to learn and be proud of their class. The material used to make the banner is not too difficult, provide colorful tassels, write quote sentences on paper then cut out and prepare a string. For more ideas about crafts for elementary school children, please check the picture above.

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