If you have an Ac in your home, you have probably been making this big mistake a lot of other AC owners make – only calling in maintenance when there’s something majorly wrong with your AC. The thing is, your AC needs regular tune-ups and maintenance to perform optimally and failing to get your AC that maintenance can really harm your AC’s performance, even if you wouldn’t be able to tell until it’s too late. 

Regular AC maintenance is so important that countless service companies out there like Mister Quik Home Services do ac tune-ups like this. All you would have to do is call them up and set up an appointment for them to do maintenance on your AC. They will know what to do. 

Even when you aren’t due for maintenance, you should call an expert if your AC is making strange noises, leaking any liquid, not cooling properly or taking too long to work, or anything like that. Better fix that issue before it becomes anything too major – or expensive!

1. Increase AC Life 

Using your AC regularly without making sure it’s in good condition can put unnecessary strain on your AC’s internal workings. This eventually only decreases the AC’s life span and means that you will have more problems with performance and maintenance down the line. 

It also means that your AC will probably stop working way quicker than its intended life span. Most ACs are supposed to last from eight to ten years, but careless use could see you losing your AC way earlier. 

2. Avoid Hefty Repair Bills Down the Road 

Even when your AC is seemingly working fine, it could stop working out of nowhere because of things that went unnoticed for too long. This could involve faulty wiring that could have been caught and fixed in a routine maintenance check earlier, any leaks, or malfunctioning motors. 

Once your AC finally gives up, it will cost you way more to have it fixed, have the missing parts replaced, or to even have the whole AC replaced than it would have cost you to have it checked regularly. 

3. Improved Air Quality 

Your AC comes with air filters and pipes that the air passes through to be cooled before it is eventually sent into your home to change the temperature. Not cleaning those pipes and filters regularly can mean that the air inside your room is full of dust and certain bacteria, has the wrong humidity levels or has an unpleasant or funny odor. 

Any and all of these things are harmful to your health, and will eventually lead to allergies and bad respiratory health if allowed to continue. Keep your ACs clean and get regular maintenance to avoid this. 

4. Increased Efficiency and Energy Savings 

When everything in your AC is in top condition and working right, it will be as efficient as it is designed to be. This will save energy and decrease your bills. 

It also means that your AC will be able to cool up a place a lot faster, and will be able to better maintain those temperatures. This is especially important during the height of summers when your AC needs to work extra hard to perform well. 

5. Better for the Environment 

Having your AC work in prime condition means it consumes less power. It also means that the air it expels is fresh and clean and that you are able to avoid any pollution indoors.

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