Rock craft looks nice to do even with your kids. Usually, kiddos love to collect some rocks from the park and bring them back home. Rather than throwing away those rocks, why don’t you try to spruce them up? Paint them is a great idea to teach the kids an artistic feel. Craft the rock with your own touch will be awesome. If you’re keen to learning drawing visit to know more information. In this article, we give you our list of DIY rock painting ideas that might inspire you and your kids. Let us check further below!

Veggies Rock Painting

Veggies rock painting


If you want to teach your kids to love vegetables, you can try this project. These rocks are painted well with vegetable patterns. Paint them with a cute face to add an interesting feel. Use those veggie rocks for your garden or kitchen is nice.

Rainbow Rock Painting

Painting a rock in a rainbow pattern is pretty easy. You only need to prepare colorful paints. Then, start painting the rock with different colors by using a brush. Let it dry and see how wonderful the rainbow. Use this as a desk accent is a nice idea. Ask your kid to make this rainbow-painted rock with you this afternoon.

Star Wars Universe Rock Painting

What about painting the Star Wars Universe on the rocks. Sure, you need to have an excellent painting skill talent to make this project. If your kid is a fan of Star Wars, this rock painting project might become their favorite.

Ballerina Rock Painting

Look at this charming little girl on the rock! Does she look amazing? Painting ballerina on the rock is a great idea for your little girl. Paint the rock in white firstly and start to draw the little ballerina on it carefully. This project will need a great talent as well, but the result is fabulous.

Pizza Painted Rock

Is pizza your favorite food? Painting it in a rock will remind us anytime. Just imagine your most favorite pizza and draw it on the rock you have. Or, you may choose your kids’ most favorite food on the rock as well. It can be a hamburger, donuts, or others.

USA Flag Painted Rock

Teach your kids a history will not a hard thing to do using this cool USA flag-painted rock. You can paint it while telling them about the country. Sure, they will remember anything you teach with a happy feeling. This project is pretty cool, isn’t it?

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