Without being realized, there are so many functions of the binder clip that will surely give our life ease. It can be juggled into varied stuff by doing the hacks. It is really recommended since binder clips are really cheap. Moreover, it is really easy to find it at the store so that you won’t get any trouble in making the binder clip hack projects. The other interesting fact about the binder clip is that it has varied colors and even patterns where you can choose from the simple and common black binder clip to the cute pink floral binder clip.

When talking about the possible hacks that you can do by using binder clips, it will be about so many awesome and unexpected stuff. Let’s say that you can use the binder clip to be a handphone stand, cable organizer, clipping bag, photo holder, even toothpaste tube squeezer and so many more ideas. You will be amazed when looking at the following binder clip hack references. Please go down and see how amazing the binder clips are.

Handphone Stand from Redtri

Cable Organizer from Cnet

Clipping Bags from Goodhousekeeping

Glove Compartment from Goodhousekeeping

Pencil Cup Holder from Goodhousekeeping

Binder Clip Photo Holder from Goodhousekeeping

Table Cloth Clamp from Goodhousekeeping

Charger Organizer from Goodhousekeeping

Label shelves from Thekitchn

Bottle Organizer from Thekitchn

Stand Up Sponges from Thekitchn

Hang up Dish Gloves from Thekitchn

Hold Down Parchment Paper from Thekitchn

Packets Hook from Thekitchn

Plastic Trash Holder from Topdreamer

Close Half-Used Bags from Topdreamer

Toothpaste Tube Squeezer from Topdreamer


Wine Bottle Organizer from Topdreamer

Cord Organizer from Topdreamer

Document Holder from Topdreamer

To Tighten Cloth Over The Swiffer from Topdreamer

Accessory Organizers from Topdreamer

Hold Napkins from Topdreamer

Sponge Holder from Topdreamer

Razor Clip from Topdreamer

Tea Bag Saver from Topdreamer

Wrapping Paper Organizer from Topdreamer

Freezer Organization from Diyjoy

Yarn Guide from Modpodgerocksblog

Label Tags from Icreativeideas

Cables and Cords Organized from Icreativeideas

Earbuds Organizer from Icreativeideas

Headphone Holder from Icreativeideas

Keychain and Money Holder from Icreativeideas

Photo Display from Icreativeideas

Hang Art Without Hurting It from Treehugger

Memorabilia and Ephemera Display from Treehugger

Cable Clip from Treehugger

Ribbon Clip from Imperfecthomemaking

Money Clip from Wisebread

DIY Clip Cable Catcher from Homedit

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