Playing with our dog is fun, but unfortunately, our dog is a strong chewer and tends to break the toys in a matter of minutes. We even lost count on how many dog toys have been broken, and if you also have this problem, then you come to the right place. Just like your kids’ DIY toys, you can also make your dogs DIY toys. Today, we will talk about how to make our own dog toys so we can make them in a couple of minutes once the old toys are broken.

Let’s take a look at 5 DIY Dog Toys Ideas That You Make On Your Own With The Things Around Your House.

1. Flirt Pole

Since dogs love to play chasing games, then let’s make this Flirt pole and make your dog addicted to it. All you need are PVC pipe or some branch and wrap it with clothes for the Pole, and some rope plus any stuff, toys or you can also use empty bottles for the prey.

2. Chewing Toys

5 DIY Dog Toys Ideas That You Make On Your Own With The Things Around Your House


Well, it’s not a secret that dogs love to chew things. The empty bottle will become the most satisfying things that your dog can chew. And to make this toy, you only need an empty bottle and wrap it with fabric or some unused clothes.

3. Tug Toys

This one is very easy and only needs 5 minutes to craft. All you need is some rope and a tennis ball. Drill through a hole on both sides of the ball put the rope through the hole, make some knots so the ball is in place and your tug toys are ready.

4. Fetch Toys

If you don’t like using sticks for playing fetch with your dog, then try to create these simple and amazing toys. All you need is some fabric or unused clothes, knitted the fabric and your toys are ready.

5. Rope Ball

If your dog is a strong chewer then you absolutely need this toy. Get some rope, bundle them up, and make sure it didn’t fall apart. Throw it to your dog and have fun.


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