It’s normal for your cat to scratch objects around the house. But unfortunately, sometimes, things that they scratch are our precious stuff. That is why some people try to provide some cat toys. However, here we recommend you to provide a scratching place. Maybe some of you are reluctant to buy some scratcher because its design does not suit your taste. And if that is the reason, why not make it by yourself? And here I’ve gathered 6 Scratcher Ideas that you can create on your own and of course the design will look great and amazing. You can even customize and make some changes to the scratcher and make it suit your taste.

Now, let’s take a look at 6 Gorgeous and Cute DIY Scratcher Ideas That Will Make Your Cats Love You To The Bone.

1. Double Decker Post

You can create this amazing scratcher with woods and nails, or you can also use an old wooden ladder. Get some wool or yarn, warp it and your scratcher is ready.

2. Cat Hammock

Gorgeous and Cute DIY Scratcher Ideas That Will Make Your Cats Love You To The Bone


By using a square object with a hole in the middle, you can create a scratcher for your cats, plus you can also create a comfy and cozy hammock for your cat.

3. Minimalist Scratcher


For you who loved minimalist stuff, this scratcher is yours. All you need is a clean piece of wood, wrap it with sisal rope and your minimalist scratcher is ready to be used.

4. Colorful Scratcher

This one may look simple, but by using different colors of sisal rope you can create an amazing and cute scratcher for your beloved cats.

5. Vase Scratcher

It may look dangerous for a cat scratcher, but if you just use some cotton, lavender, or billy balls, then you can absolutely use this DIY craft idea to decorate your house.

6. Cactus Scratcher

This one totally beats other DIY craft ideas. With some effort and green-colored sisal rope, this cactus scratcher will make your rooms look beautiful. Moreover, your cat will absolutely this cactus scratcher.


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