Outdoor areas could be so boring if you don’t change their decor periodically. Most people upgrade their outdoor areas by the seasons. However, you can decorate your outdoor with things that will look great all season. It might deal with the lighting fixtures, wind chimes, or anything. In this article, we show you our DIY ideas that are affordable and easy to make. Furthermore, those DIYs work well for almost all outdoor decor whether vintage, rustic, contemporary, or modern style.

DIY Hanging Paper Lanterns

Diy hanging paper lanterns


Worry about this season’s outdoor decor? Look at this picture that shows outdoor decor with paper lanterns. You make DIY paper lanterns even though with a limited budget. Prepare hoops, papers, and bulbs. Make the paper lanterns by customizing the color and size.

DIY Macrame Plant Hangers

DIY macrame plant hangers are what you need to upgrade your outdoor area. These plant hangers can be done in less than an hour even if you are a DIY newbie. Feel free to customize the yarn color as you like. Choose small pots to get a beautiful small hanging garden like this.

Hanging Wicker Basket Planters

What do you think of these hanging wicker planters? They look so beautiful on the wall, right? Sure, you only need to buy the wicker basket. Then, plant your most favorite flowers, herbs, succulents, or any plant you want. No matter what your home style is, this tiny garden looks great.

DIY Hanging Light Bulb Planters

What wonderful decor is this! You can use unused bulbs to beautify your outdoor decoration. This is a super easy DIY for everyone. Just make the bulbs clean and add water. Then, plant your favorite flowers in the bulb. This style works well for a party decoration too.

DIY Mason Jar Wind Chime

Wind chimes are versatile and easy to make by hand. In this picture, we see a beautiful DIY mason ar wind chime that anyone can make. Just cute the mason jar in a half. Make some holes to hang a few sparkly beads and keys. And, it will make your outdoor prettier.

DIY Vertical Garden Wall Planter

If you deserve a garden but don’t have a spacious lot, this DIY vertical garden wall planter is the solution for you. However, you should have at least basic woodworking skills. And, this project might need several hours or even one day long. So, prepare your free time this week.


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