Look at your garden! Does it want to look brand new? Your garden is a place where you can see beautiful plants. There, you can make a party in summer or spring. All the things in the garden are fresh and refreshing. The only place to take a rest better while getting fresh air and seeing the wonderful scene. How many planters do you have? It is time for you to upgrade your garden decor with some DIY garden projects. Check out our lists to inspire you!

DIY Mini Planter Trellis

Diy mini planter trellis


This cute planter makes a nice place for your plants. You can add a mini trellis to let your plants climb. Though it looks simple but improves your mini garden decor shortly. See how the plant climbs the trellis in this picture that so natural.

DIY House Number Planter

This modern house number looks elegant with a box of plants. The owner of this house plant succulents on the box. You are free to use other plants like cacti, flowers, herbs, or more. Sure, this simple project will not cost much.

DIY Deck Flower Box

Improve your deck decor by hanging a DIY deck flower box like this picture. Feel free to customize the size and color. Furthermore, this box will not break your decor. Plant flowers, succulents, herbs, or any plant you want.

DIY Elegant Hanging Planter

It is nice to hang your planter on the porch. Look at this picture that shows a pretty hanging planter with hoop and bowl. The succulent looks are elegant. Make sure that you hang the pot carefully. So, it will not fall and break someday.

DIY Hanging Basket Planters

These planters work well to plant herbs and succulents or any other you like. Layered hanging basket with different size from the smallest to the larger ones also works well as decorative accents. What do you think if these are on your porch?

DIY Gradient Planter for Garden

Look at the gradient planter of this garden that so eye-catching. Change the color as you like to add your personal touch. Put these planters on your porch or inside your living room will be a great idea. The owner adds some pebbles as well to beautify them.

DIY Monogram Planter

It can be the initial of your family name. A DIY monogram can show your identity. Furthermore, it looks eye-catching on the wall. Green grasses, succulents, or herbs look nice but flowers with different colors also mind-blowing to put in this monogram.



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