If your light bulbs stop working, don’t throw them out. With few steps, you can recycle unused lightbulbs into more useful things. It might become a light bulb vase, ornament, or container. However, you have to make sure that the bulbs are not broken. Furthermore, it will improve your home decoration with a more personal touch. Then, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Check out our ideas below about DIY recycling old light bulbs that might inspire you.

DIY Hanging Flower Pots

Diy hanging flowerpots


What a wonderful decoration is. You can make DIY hanging flowerpots in your garden or porch. The appearance looks so beautiful with water and flowers. Hanging them in your balcony area also will be a great idea.

DIY Hot Air Balloons

Crafting a lightbulb will be a nice thing to do this week. Ask your kid to make these awesome DIY hot air balloons with you. Furthermore, you can hang these crafts in your kids’ room. Bulbs, tiny wicker baskets, garlands, and more things needed are easy to find at the dollar store.

DIY Rustic Oil Lamp

Well, it looks good for cottage lighting to use a DIY rustic oil lamp. Sure, this is an easy and affordable project for everyone. Old light bulbs, oil, and rope are what you need to prepare. Put on this rustic lamp on your desk or hang them on the wall will improve your room decor as well.

DIY Nature-Inspired Bulb Craft

What do you think? It looks like you are in a natural sea world, right? Put on some grasses, mushrooms, pebbles, or other natural things inside. Add water. Hang this little ornament in your room or put it on the desk. It will remind us about the beauty of the natural deep sea.

Adorable DIY Spice Containers

This is so adorable and functional. You can make pretty containers by hand this week. It will not take a long time depends on how many containers you want to make. Use the container to keep cinnamon, sugar, salt, or other spices you have.

Cute DIY Bumblebees

Do you search for spring craft ideas for kids? This might become the easiest craft that you can make sooner. Just paint the bulbs yellow and black. Then, add other accessories like googly eyes, antlers, and wings.

DIY Simple Lightbulb Vase

Well, anyone can make this easy lightbulb vase in less than an hour. If you find the bulbs, make them clean. Add water and put on the flower you want. Display them in the living room will be nice.

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