Bedroom lighting fixtures seem so dull and boring. Teens’ bedrooms should interesting, fun, and cool. Choosing lighting fixtures for teens is also important. However, it might be the cooler, the more expensive the lights will be.

So, why don’t you make your own lighting for teens? It will show your personal touch and improve your room decoration. In this article, we give you DIY lighting ideas for teens’ bedrooms to make this week. Check them out further below to get more inspiration.

3D Printed Buble Lights For Teens

Woods, bulbs, and papers are some materials need to make this cool lighting. No matter what your teens’ bedroom style is, this 3D printed bubble light will work very well for any season. Don’t forget to prepare ropes to hang the bulbs.

DIY Cool Lava Lamp

First of all, collect the material needed. Take a clean large plastic soda bottle. Then, you need to add food coloring, and cooking oil to it. Then, Alka Seltzer tablets also will help you to have this awesome lava lamp. Just try it at home with parents’ help Feel free to customize the color as the teen likes.

DIY Copper Lighted Wreaths For Teens

Buy some copper wreaths as you need. Then, add string lights around the wreaths. Hang them on the wall. No need to paint or add other things. These DIY copper-lighted wreaths are cool for any room decoration. The teens will adore these too.

DIY Flameless Fire Pit For Teens

Bring a fire pit inside a teen’s bedroom is not a mistake. Furthermore, it will change its decor instantly. Sure, it doesn’t have to work with an expensive fire pit. DIY flameless fire pit only needs string lights, pebbles, and branches.

Cardboard Pendant Lights

Cardboard pendant lights are easy to make in less than an hour. Look at these cool lights that will enlighten teens’ rooms. The cardboards are painted well in various colors to show teens’ spirit and will boost their mood every morning.

Origami Lamp Shade

Need to make cheap and easy lighting fixtures for teens’ bedrooms? These amazing lamps are what you need. The creator uses origami paper to make the lampshades. Then, these lamps will change the teens’ rooms.

DIY Tin Can Lamp

Drill tiny holes on the tin can. You will need two cans. Then, paint it in any color you like. This picture shows red hue looks awesome for those cans. Then, put on the bulb inside.



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