Boys love sports, kinds of music, singers, films, and other things that make them more masculine. Usually, they adore black, brown, red, and dark hues. Decorating the boys’ room is not hard. You only need to apply something that shows your character and personality. What sports do they like? Whether they adore Avengers or Star Wars. A boy’s room should represent his hobby. Som he will think that his room is not only a place to sleep but also a base camp. Adding some DIY things will be a great idea too. See inspiring ideas further below!

Industrial Boy Room With Wire Lamp

Industrial boy room with wire lamp


Look at the chicken wire lamp that so cool. This room shows a baseball score on the wall. It means the owner of this room loves sports. The duvet, pillow, and anything inside represents his hobby. You can do so for boy’s rooms in your house.

Industrial Pipe Shelves and Desk

Adding industrial furniture items in a boy’s room is a great idea. In this picture, the owner of the house installs industrial pipe shelves and desks in natural color. It might become the most favorite spot in this room. The books, piano, and other things are arranged well.

Copper Pipe Icosahedron Light Fixture

Look at this cool copper pipe icosahedron light fixture that works very well for a boy’s room. Isn’t so futuristic? The boys who love astronomy or anything related to the galaxy will adore this decor. Furthermore, this is an easy project to do even for a beginner.

DIY Star Wars Wall Art

Does the boy Star Wars? This simple DIY project will not make him upset. Plain wood with leggo pieces and some Star Wars work well to make cool wall art. You can do a similar way to make other characters such as Avengers or even Spider-Man.

Stuffed Shirts Baseball

Which team are you on? Repurpose your old stuffed shirt to make clever pillow covers. In this picture, we see that the pillows give a great impact on the room decor. The boys might love baseball so much. We love the colors as well. So bright and boosts anyone’s mood every day.

Leather and Wood Suspended Shelf

It is not much but some of them love classic things. If the boy in your house likes old fashions, he might like this room decoration. The owner of this house makes a shelf to save a camera and other classic things. What do you think?


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