If you are searching for an On-budget DIY bathroom rack for your towel, this edition is your answer. All ideas of selected on-budget towel rack ideas are already here. Check all the ideas on On-Budget Towel Rack Ideas As Your Adorable DIY Project.

DIY Towel Ring

On Budget Towel Rack Ideas As Your Adorable DIY Project


You can add an artsy piece of stuff by creating this towel ring. Here, you can play with the unfinished wood beads and put them on the metal ring. The materials you need are a metal ring, wire cutter, unfinished wood beads, rit dye in your color, leather, ruler, scissors, screw punch, glue, large glass bowl, metal spoon, rubber gloves, and paper towels.

Magnetic Leather Towel Rack

On Budget Towel Rack Ideas As Your Adorable DIY Project


You can probably be bored with the hooks and the shelf to place your towels. Therefore, you have to see and create this magnetic leather towel rack. You will need to make a slender towel holder. Moreover, this towel rack can be a perfect option for your small area, which won’t make it looks narrow.

Wire Basket And Copper Towel Rack

A copper pipe to hold a towel can be the best option as your functional decorative stuff. The supplies you need are ½ inch copper pipe, 2 wire pipe hooks, pipe cutter, wire basket, and gorilla glue. Here, the wire basket can be a perfect place to store your stuff.

Chic Style Towel Rack

If you have a plan to create a towel rack on budget, you can try to repurpose the headboard and make a towel holder. Next, you can challenge your creativity, you can paint the old headboard white and decor it into chic style. Romawi’s number there brings chic and vintage at the same time in detail creativity of towel rack project.

Simple Handy Towel Rack

A handy towel rack is a good idea to store both clean and used towels tidy. The materials you will need are board (in 1x10x4, 1x6x4, and 1x2x4), stain, and metal hooks. Next, you can paint the shelves as you wish. Meanwhile, if you want to keep it natural, you only need to stain it.

Farmhouse Towel Rack

Is your home have farmhouse style? This natural material towel rack that made out of barn woods and vintage hooks. Here, you can start by measuring the barn woods. Next, you have to screw the hooks to the barn woods. For the last, you have to screw the barn woods to the wall.

Rustic Towel Rack

On Budget Towel Rack Ideas As Your Adorable DIY Project


This rustic towel rack is the best project for people’s desire to bring out the beauty of nature to their house. Besides, rustic style is one of the most wanted styles among others. The materials you need to create this are boards, hooks, cordless drill, hammer, stain, and D-ring wall hangers.



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