Are you waiting for the spring season? We do so. It will be nice to go picnic with the family. Seeing the beauty of blooms, listening to the sound of birds, and inhaling the fresh air are fun. Before going to a picnic, we have to prepare all the things. We shouldn’t have to buy new things only for a picnic. Making some DIY picnic crafts will be fun. Look at our list in this article. Ask your kids to make those crafts with you!

DIY Picnic Blanket Collage

Diy picnic blanket collage


Let’s make this picnic blanket collage with your kids. We will need a variety of colors of construction paper, scissors, glue, and crayons. It will show you a paper blanket that looks like a real picnic blanket. The kids will love this craft. See the tutorials here

DIY Paper Picnic Basket

One of the picnic items that we couldn’t forget is a picnic basket. We carry slices of bread, snacks, fruits, and beverages on it. Without a picnic basket, we can’t store anything. So, it should be on our picnic item list. Making a DIY paper picnic basket is fun. See the tutorials here and make it in your version soon.

Coloring Picnic Fruits

What about making placemats for a picnic? It will be fun, we are sure. Ask your kids to color each fruit. They will love doing this craft. Coloring is fun, and almost any kid like it. You are free to search for the template on the internet. 

DIY Parisian Picnic Lesson Plan

Let us do something fun while waiting for the picnic moment comes. We can make a mosaic or puzzle craft using a picnic theme. What do you think? Yes, it will be fun. Your kid will love it. Attach slices of colored paper to be a beautiful picnic picture. You are free to frame the result.

DIY Felt Picnic Food

A picnic without food is impossible. We go to a place near a lake or river. Then, get a spot to place on the blanket. Sit there while seeing the beauty of the natural surrounding while eating the food is what we call a picnic. No food, no picnic. Let your kids imagine that feeling by playing with DIY-felt picnic food. See the tutorials here

DIY Picnic Caddy

Put on the bottles on a caddy. They will not fall and make the blanket dirty because of the fill. You will need Styrofoam, a cutter, red and white fabric, glue, a cutting mat, a ruler, and scissors. You should prepare accessories like plastic ants and plastic ketchup. Complete it with plastic salt and pepper containers.


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