Do you want to upgrade your room decoration this week? You need several decorative items, then. What will you buy? Improving room decoration doesn’t mean that you have to buy new things. You can make DIY decorative items from some things in your home. Don’t think too hard! You can make DIY decorative items from drinking straws. Yeah, it is about crafting with something that anyone throws it away. Check out the list below! We have gathered DIY crafts for home decor from drinking straws!

DIY Plastic Straw and Rope Wall Hanging

Diy plastic straw and rope wall hanging


Do you love bohemian styles? Why don’t you try to make this wall hanging? It looks so pretty for any home decor theme. Bohemian feels can work well for all. Making a DIY wall hanging from plastic straws and rope is not tricky. You can see the tutorials from Curbly.

DIY Paper Straw Frame

It is a super easy project you can make in the afternoon. Attach the drinking straws to the paper. Then, you will get an amusement frame to improve your decor. Use it to decor your desk. Oh, you can use it for a wedding decor too. Feel free to change the straw color and pattern you like.

DIY Drinking Straw Lampshade

Look at the lampshade! It looks so beautiful. You can get it soon for your room. Take the drinking straws you want. Then, attach them to the lampshade. You will see your lampshade looks colorful. Making this craft is super easy. You can finish it in minutes.

DIY Pen Holder

Attach colorful drinking straws. Decorate it with a colored thread. What do you think? It will not just make your room looks attractive. It also functions to keep your pens or pencils. What are you waiting for? Make it soon with your kids. 

DIY Neon Straw Hanging Planters

Neon colors are eye-catching, aren’t they? They bring a cheerful feeling to your room. Making neon straw hanging planters will need colorful drinking straws, pots, and neon-colored threads. See the tutorials here and make more hanging planters in your version. We believe you can finish it in minutes. 

DIY Drinking Straw Garland

You might never think that decorating will be such easy. Improve your room with a DIY paper straw garland. The tools and materials might already be in your hand. This garland will work well all year long. It works well for spring, summer, fall, or even winter. 

DIY Plastic Straw Coaster

Craft lovers will love it. To make a drinking coaster, you will need 30 pieces of straws with 5/6’’. Prepare a hot glue gun and stick. Then, get scissors and tweezers. See the tutorials here



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