There are many things that we can make using woods. These based materials are easy to find and craft for any purpose. For the one who loves DIY projects, woods are the most common things that should be in their warehouse. However, it will be a little bit hard for a DIY newbie to make a home item with woods. In this article, we show you recommended DIY projects from woods that easy to follow. Let us check out further!

DIY Outdoor Lounge Chair

Outdoor lounge chairs are not only functioned as a seating area but also a decorative look. In this picture, there are two lounge chairs that will never out of date. See the shape that will blend with any home decoration. Customize the pillows as you wish.

Mountain Wall Hooks

Do you love nature? Express how you love natural view by making these awesome mountain wall hooks. The shape is easy to recreate and customize based on your necessary. Hang the keys in each hook to get them easily found at any time.

DIY Wooden Hanging Planter

This picture shows us the unique shape of the wooden hanging planter for inside and or outside decoration. Anyone who loves hanging planters will adore it too. See how it looks eye-catching inside a room with a natural look.

DIY Address Number Wall Planter

Without expert DIY skills, this project can be finished in less than a day. Look at the planter that adds natural and multimedia touches to this DIY address number wall planter. Feel free to customize the color and pattern as you like.

Beautiful Wooden Frame

It will never take time to create this wooden frame for your living room decor. Look at the simple word in the white canvas and the dark wooden frame that adds a rustic touch. If you don’t have a canvas, just change it with a white paper.

Awesome Pencil Holder

How many pencils do you have? This awesome pencil holder will keep them organized well. Look at the glitter words that so eye-catching. You are allowed to make the same pencil holder or add other accessories to personalize it. Put it on a table will functions as a table decor too.

Wooden Photo Holder

Instead of buying fancy frames, it will be better for us to create these wooden photo holders. Look how it gives a punch to your room decoration. Those photo holders look so chic for any room style.


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