Most people love to wear denim in their daily fashion style. It might be a dozen pieces of denim in their closet. If you are one of them, you should think over to recycle your old denim. Rather than throw them away, it will be much better to use your old denim as basic material. In this article, we show you the incredible ideas for recycling old denim into some new pieces. They have great patterns. Check out further below!

Old Denim Pockets

We recommend you to make this DIY organizer for your home. It is made of some old jeans’ pockets that arranged well as storage. Further, you can use this element to store your scissors, pins, and other tiny items in each pocket. Cool, isn’t it?

Kid’s Denim Pursue DIY

Kid's denim pursue diy


It needs certain techniques to get this cool pursue. However, you can do it in less than a day. We love the line that made of cotton. You need to leg of pair of old jeans. Take a denim belt for its strap. Use a sewing machine to attach them each other.

Cool Denim Clutch

This amazing clutch will never go out of date. Look at the denim basic part that works well with the striped pattern over. Whenever you want to go outside, this clutch will carry anything such as handphone, keys, or notebook.

Cute Denim Storage

It can be made by hand. Cut a leg of a pair of old jeans. Then roll down the upper part and make strong by sewing it. This super easy project can be copied by anyone, even a DIY newbie. Further, it is no need to spend more time. You can finish this project in less than an hour.

Reupholstered Chair With Denim

What is your old jeans color? In thi picture, we see a cool reupholstered chair that use old red jeans. It doesn’t matter about what the color is. Even if the chair is upholstered in blue color, it will not be a problem.

Cool Denim Pursue

Here is another pursue that you can make from old jeans. Just cute the leg of a pair of denim and sew the lower part. Add a faux lather strap that has the same color with the pursue line. Then, bring it anywhere to carry your small things.

Cute Denim Rug

Instead of buying a new rug, why don’t you make it by hand? See this pretty cool denim rug with hexagon pattern. It is made of old denim.

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