If you want to increase your home’s curb in the quickest and easiest ways then house numbers are the answer. Obviously, there are a thousand ways to improve your house number looks. Here are the ideas of DIY Unique Ideas of House Number You Can Create To Advance Your Home Presentation.

Living Number Display With Faux Grass

This idea is not actually a living number display because it uses faux grass that certainly looks like real grass. First, you will need to build a small shadow box to hold the grass and also your house numbers. Besides, you have to glue the grass first, and once done you can glue the number on the top of the grass. Last, you are suggested to prepare paint if you want to paint the wood house numbers as your style.

Cheap String And Nail House Numbers

This house number idea is not only unique but also easy and cheap. Why did I say so? Yes, because you only need to have string and nail as the basic materials then you really only need those basic materials. First, outline the numbers and line them out with nails and join the nails with some colorful string. This project is useful, easy, unique, and does not take a long time to complete.

Industrial House Numbers With Stainless Steel

Industrial house numbers with stainless steel DIY Unique Ideas of House Number You Can Create To Advance Your Home Presentation

If your home has an industrial style, this stainless-steel house number is perfect. This house number is made of screws that give you a worthwhile result for your effort. The complete materials for this project are a driver, a box of stainless steel, a printed set of numbers as a template, and a hammer.

House Number Pillow

This idea looks simple but pretty creative. You can use your lounge or bench on the front porch then display this house number pillow. The numbers on the pillow are secured by the small nails that were provided and hot glue.

Rustic Cottage Rope Numbers

This rustic cottage rope number is perfectly bringing a coastal vibe to your home. This idea is also easy just like other ideas. First, you can create the numbers from rope then attach them to a distressed board. Besides, if you do not have the distressed board, you can also buy wooden or metal numbers then wrap the rope around them. To have a distressed look, you can attach to an old board with white paint and sanded.

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