In the cold season, we will need clothes that make people warmer. A scarf is one of the winter pieces that anyone might have in their wardrobe. There are various scarves look that will improve your style. However, it will such a great decision to create your own craft. Since it will give you a personal touch that no one has. In this section, we are going to show you inspiring DIY scarves that you should know. Check out!

Loop Chain Scarf

It seems like a scarf that made by a professional tailor. However, you will never guess that this scraft is made by hand. The loop chain is done without sewing or knitting. Even, it is not a crochet scraft. The creator ties it one by one. Isn’t it cool?

Scarf With Pockets

Do you love to walk around or go somewhere in a free time? In winter, you will need a scarft that more functional. It will be nice to wear a scarf with pockets.  Don’t worry! This picture shows us that you can make a pocket without a sewing machine. Sure, it only needs your hand. Choose a heavy fabric like sweatshirt or sweater to create this unique scarf.

Feminine Ruffle Scarf

Feminine ruffle scarf

Don’t throw your husband T-shirt away. It can be changed into a more functional piece. Look at this picture that shows us a fantastic craft. The creator repurposes an old men T-shirt to a feminine ruffle scarf. No need to sew, you only have to use your scissors to cut it.

Simple Patchwork Scarf

Scarves are not only worn in fall or winter. In the early spring, you can wear a scarf as well since it is made of thin fabrics. Combine one or more fabrics with different patterns in one patchwork scarf to cover your neck in spring.

Scarf With Pom Pom

What a cute scarf is this! You can have it too only by crafting. Take a fabric or your old scarf and add the pom poms. Feel free to choose the color combination as your desire. Then, you will have a scarf as cute as this. What do you think?

Cute Cowl Neck Scarf

What about this scarf? A clever DIY lover makes this amazing craft with hand. Even, there are no knitting techniques needed. Take a plain scarf or any fabric in your storage. Then, add a big button at the corner of it. Now, you have a personalized scarf.

T-shirt Infinity Scarf

No fabric anymore! Take an old T-shirt and change it into a scraf like this. You only need less than 20 minutes to finish this craft.

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