Is today his birthday? Or, your anniversary? Oh, even you don’t need any reason to give a gift to your man. Showing love and care can be done anytime. Yes, you can create your own gift for him anytime you want. No matter what the day is. Now, it is time for you to see the ideas of DIY amazing gifts to get inspired. Whether you want to give a simple gift or create a more special one. Check out our lists below!

DIY Football Blanket Crochet

Diy football blanket crochet


Blankets are the most common gifts but making them by hand could be different. You can customize the color, size, pattern, and style you want. Make sure that the blanket looks nice for him. Just like this DIY football blanket crochet that is chic and warm.

DIY Manly Hand Scrub

A man needs a hand scrub to keep his hands smooth as well. Buy the scrub or you can make it by hand with some salts and olive oil and let them be like pasta. Put the hand scrub in a mason jar. Then, print the label or you can write it by hand. So easy, right?

DIY Natural Branch Coasters

What do you think of this picture? The coasters are the focal interests of this decor, aren’t they? Sure, you can make them by hand. Just find out a wood branch and cut it in some wood slice. No need to paint nor any other steps. Just give them as gifts to your man.

DIY Cool Chalkboard Mug

Do your man love to drink a cup of coffee in the morning? This DIY cool chalkboard mug might interest him. You don’t have to do any hard steps. Just use chalkboard paint on a white mug. Then, let it dry for several hours. And, write down your love message on it. What do you think?

Handmade Men’s Bow Tie

Making this man’s bow tie is not a hard thing to do. Even if you don’t have a sewing machine, you still be able to make it by hand. Cut the fabric, shape the bow, and it is ready to use.

DIY Manly Man Apron For Cooker

Cooking is free. Men and women can do. Giving this DIY for your man will be a nice thing. He will love it so much and might love to cook every day. Make it by hand and feel free to choose the pattern as you like.

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