Do you want to celebrate your friendship day? Or, you have just found a true friend and want to give a new gift. It will be a nice idea to make a gift by hand that will tell how happy you are with that relationship.  Sure, it doesn’t have to look expensive but tell your deep feeling. In this article, we have some lists to inspire you with DIY gifts to make for your friend. Check out further!

DIY Aromatherapy Jar

Diy aromatherapy jar


DIY aromatherapy jars will improve your room to have a good smell. Save your tablets in the jar. Cover the jar with polka dot fabric. Let the aromatherapy spreads out around the room. This pretty easy project is affordable as well.

Polkadot Pursue DIY

Your girlfriend will love this polka dot pursue as well. It is easy to make and will not need much time. You only have to add the zipper. Feel free to customize the size and color as you like. This sweet purse works well to keep small things such as pencils, pens, pens, erasers, and more.

DIY Dotted Tumbler

DIY dotted tumbler will improve your room decor instantly. The patterns enrich your room’s appearance. You are free to use these as candle holders. We love the polka dots with a colorful touch that works well for any room style.

DIY Map Photo Frame

Do you love traveling? This DIY map photo frame might so interesting for you. The photo frame is made of a map. You can shape the map into a frame with the photo in the middle of it. Or, you are free to customize the size and shape.

DIY Cute Mug

Give your friend a cute mug like one of these will be a great idea. In this picture, we see two mugs with cute patterns. You can make the same patterns or try others as you like. Change the colors is not a mistake. You are free to do so.

DIY Pretty Microwavable Eye Mask

We need to attain a better rest at night after working all day. This DIY pretty microwavable is something that you should own sooner. It will help you to take a rest every night. Feel free to customize the size and pattern as you like.

Ipad Case DIY

Look at this interesting Ipad case DIY that anyone can make. The sip-dyed canvas seems cool. You need not other additional pieces. This is a super easy DIY project that a newbie can finish in less than an hour.

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