For your living, there are some hacks ideas that you can do to make your life easier. Here, there are a surprising number of ways to use mayonnaise around the house, for everything from stain removal to hair conditioning tips. All ideas are rounded up in Surprisingly Smart Ideas To Use Mayonnaise For Daily.

Shine Stainless Steel

Shine stainless steel Surprisingly Smart Ideas To Use Mayonnaise For Daily


It is a solution when you see your stainless steel is showing more fingerprints and smudges than shine, you can grab a clean cloth and your trusty jar of mayo. Forst, just place a small dab of mayo onto the cloth, use it to buff your stainless steel appliances until the marks are gone and the shine is restored. You are done.

Remove Rings

If you have a ring that’s stuck on a finger, try to use mayo to remove it. You can scoop a bit of mayo out of the jar. Next, slather it around your finger and the ring itself. Then, let it sit for a minute you can get the ring slide right off!

Manicure Treatment

Manicure treatment Surprisingly Smart Ideas To Use Mayonnaise For Daily


Is this magic that mayonnaise can do manicure treatment? Here, you can try soaking your nails in a shallow dish of mayo. The fact is mayo will soften and moisturize your cuticles. Then, your nails will get a boost of protein for added strength. It is worth trying.

Condition Hair

This is another socking idea of mayo you can do. Mayonnaise can help calm a dry, itchy scalp, and add serious shine to your hair! Yes, it is. You can try to massage a good amount of mayo onto your scalp, and let it sit for about 30 minutes. After that, shampoo and condition as usual. Last, your scalp will be moisturized and nourished as the feel will be silky smooth hair.

Remove Sticker Residue

If you love repurposing old containers, you will exactly need to do this hack idea. When you take your old containers, you will find sticker residue there then you need to clean them. So, mayonnaise is magical can do the job. Just put enough mayo on your cloth then you can swap the sticker residue on the containers. There is a secret for this job, put your high patience on it.

Dust Houseplants

Do you have any faux plants around your home? You probably want to give them a whole new shine with a clean cloth and a bit of mayo. You can dust the leaves first, then put a small of mayo on your cloth. After that, simply buff the leaves to a beautiful shine! It looks fresh and new.

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