If you are a professional gardener or just someone who loves gardening, garden cloches might be something that you need. Yes. You can protect your plants from heavy pests and precipitation. You can control the growth of your plants easier with garden cloches. In this article, we are going to show you DIY garden cloche ideas that you can make from old things. Get the material from any dollar store in your city. See our lists below to get more inspiration.

Build a Squirrel-Proof Cloche

Build a squirrel-proof cloche


Look at this pretty cool squirrel-proof garden cloche that easy to make and affordable. This cloche is made of steel-framed wires. Take a wire hoop and some lines. Use them to shape a dome. Then, attach the wire cover. You will need several days to make this.

DIY Fairy Garden Cloche

When you want to build a small indoor garden, a garden cloche is what you need. Build a garden cloche with an old wine glass, mason jar, or any glass that is not used anymore. Plant your succulents, cacti, or herbs inside. Put it near the window to attain more natural light.

DIY Bell Jars Garden Cloche

Don’t throw away your old bell jars. You can repurpose them to DIY bell jars garden cloches. This pretty simple project will not spend a lot of money. Just cover your plants with bell jars you have. Your vegetables will grow well.

DIY Greenhouse Film

This is the most versatile garden cloche ever. Customize the size and color as you like. It will be better for you to use clear plastic to let the plant get an amount of natural light. This DIY greenhouse film works well for your vegetables and fruits.

DIY Traditional Greenhouse

Keep your plants from freezing in winter with this DIY traditional greenhouse. You might need at least basic woodworking skills to build this greenhouse. With glass, wood, and soil, this greenhouse works well to protect your plants from any heavy precipitation.

DIY Tupperware Cloche

This project is pretty easy to do. Even a beginner will not get any difficulty at all. Just put a clear plastic food container over your plant. However, make sure that you take it during the day when sunlight warms the plant up and put it again at night.

DIY Graden Cloche From Empty Plastic Jugs

What are you waiting for? Protect your plant will not be a hard thing to do. Just take an empty plastic jug and cut the bottom part of it. Then, put it over your plant.

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