Do not get stress if you see your wall blank. Take your attention here to look forward to how to beautify your blank wall in an affordable way with some DIY wall projects. All ideas are collected in Most Wanted DIY Wall Decor Ideas To Beat Your Blank Walls For Good.

Framed Gingko Branches

Framed gingko branches Most Wanted DIY Wall Decor Ideas To Beat Your Blank Walls For Good


This art looks luxurious and pretty easy to recreate at home. The tools you need are craft scissors, a cutting machine, needle-nose pliers, a paintbrush, and a high-temp hot glue gun. After that, the materials are gold paper, floral tape, bind wire, thick paper covered stem wire, mod podge, and metal spray.

Pressed Flower Art

Pressed flower art Most Wanted DIY Wall Decor Ideas To Beat Your Blank Walls For Good


It is a gorgeous project for your wall decor idea. You will have stunning botanical art that will last on your wall forever. The materials are fresh flowers or greenery, paper towels or 100% cotton rags, a heavy microwave-safe dish, and a microwave. The best flowers for this project are daisies, aster, and chamomile.

Pretty Yarn Wall Hanging

It is lovely to have bright pops of color, soft, and flowy texture. Look at these yarn wall hangings that are made in any color you love. Next, this wall hanging will add a playful elegance to your space. The materials you need are a craft kit, wood glue, paint, and yarn.

LEGO Display Shelves

If you are looking for a way to get all the LEGOs you keep stepping on off the floor, the idea is here. These DIY LEGO display shelves are both functional and offer a fun focal point on the wall. The materials needed for this project are a miter saw, measuring tape, screws, drill, picture hanger kit, level, and adhesive.

DIY Woven Basket Wall Hanging

Take or buy a woven basket at the nearest store. Then, you will need a woven basket and yarn in your preferred color. Here, you are suggested to use white yarn to create a fresh spring look, while you can also easily mix in more colors depending on your room color palette.  You can just simply cut your yarn to your desired length and loop around the weavings.  Next, double the yarn over twice then looped it on the basket to make the yarn look fuller. Last, do not worry too much about the symmetry of the ends since you’ll be trimming the ends later on.

A Painted Circle Shelf

This painted circle shelf will add dimension and interest to floating shelves by first painting a circle on the wall. You can start by drawing your circle and paint it out. Next, you can get your wood shelves cut. Then, paint the wood shelves and the hardware. Last, hang the shelves on the painted wall.

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