After drinking a bottle of fresh water, where do you waste the bottle cap? You know. Bottle caps are versatile materials that we can use to make any kind of craft. They are also easy to find and cheap. From a very simple thing to a more complicated one, crafting bottle caps will be a nice activity to do this week. In this article, we give your our DIY Bottle craft lists to see. Check them out further below and get inspired more!

DIY Bottle Cap Candles

Diy bottle cup candles


Imagine that these little bottle cap candles will enlighten your space at night. The way to make these crafts are not hard at all. You only have o fill the bottle cap with resin or you may use clay. Then, put on the tiny candle at the center of it.

Bottle Cap Wreath

What an awesome DIY thing is this! Hang this pretty cool wreath in the front door will give a mind-blowing look. This DIY wreath consists of hundred of bottle cups. You will need several days to collect them all. Combine it with a black ribbon. See! It looks awesome for summer and or fall decor, right?

Homemade Bottle Cap Wind Chimes

Creating this craft will be so fun and interesting to do with your kids. DIY Bottlecap wind chimes work well to put on a tree or on the front porch. They will give you a great sound like a song. Whenever you put them, they will sing for you anytime the wind blows.

DIY Bottle Cap Earrings

Imagine that something that is usually thrown away has been repurposed into more valuable things. Look at this bottle earring that looks so awesome. If you love to show bottle cups’ charm in a more elegant way, wearing these bottle cap earrings will be a great idea.

DIY Bottle Cap Tabletop For Kids Room

The designer of this tabletop has a great idea to add more bottle caps. We are sure that your kid will love this tabletop design as well. The appearance is attractive and looks pretty to combine with red lines. Get this table at a store or you can make it by hand.

DIY Pretty Resin Bottle Cap Crafts

These crafts are artistic and creative. When the crafter changes an old bottle cap to become a pretty resin craft, it shows that crafting is magic. Look at these resin bottle caps that are so adorable. Moreover, you can make them by hand soon.


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