You might have hundreds of wine bottles in your storage. What are they for? Recycle them is a great idea to save the world. But, what if it can give you a profit as well? It looks pretty great, right? Some people are more creative nowadays. You attain money and get rid of storage from unused wine bottles. In this article, we recommend you create crafts from wine bottles that might inspire you. Check them out further below!

Beautiful Ombre Vase

Beautiful ombre vase


Add these beautiful ombre vases that will change your room decoration. Ombre vases look expensive, but you can create them with your own hand. Clean the wine bottles and repaint them in any ombre style you like. The rest, sell them and get more money.

Wine Bottle Into a Hanging Light

Do you want to upgrade your home decoration with a limited budget? Adding new lighting fixtures might become a great idea. Recycle a wine bottle into a hanging light will change your home decoration. And, it is cheap. Further, sell the rest in an online store or garage sale.

Wine Bottles Into Sea Glass

If you want to decorate your home in beach style, these wine bottles are what you need to get soon. Creating these crafts is not hard. Furthermore, you can sell them in an online store. Make sure to repaint the bottles firstly in blue to get a beach feeling.

DIY Wine Bottle Outdoor Torch

Have you prepared anything for spring decoration? These wine bottle outdoor torches might be what you need to have soon. Get a new look with this lighting that is easily made in less than an hour. Furthermore, please sell them or you can give them as spring gifts to your friend. We love the marbles inside the bottles too.

DIY Boho Vase

These vases work well for any season decoration. Boho style will never go out of date. Just paint the wine bottleโ€™s surface in white with a bohemian pattern. Let it dry. This process will need several hours but the result will be so awesome.

Wine Bottles With Chalkboard Paint

Do you want to install artistic items in your decor? These wine bottles work well with any style and look so elegant for all seasons. The wine bottles are painted well in dark color with chalkboard paint. Then, the creator writes a message in each bottle. This is a great project that is so artistic and powerful. You can do so by hand and in less than a day. Cool, huh?



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