Have you prepared your costume for Halloween? It will be fun to ask your friends or family to make a costume group. So, you should decide the theme. Whether you want to make spooky costumes or the more cute ones. Taking pictures with group costumes worn by each member will be nice. In this article, we have gathered Halloween costume ideas to feel more Halloween spirits. Check them out further below to get inspiration. Just make sure that you have sewing skills better than others before creating the costumes you want.

DIY Winnie the Pooh Group Costume

Diy winnie the pooh group costume


Well. This is not a hard project to do. You can buy a tiger-patterned jacket, a blue jacket, and other things that will show the characters from Winni the Pooh movie. Decide who will wear Pooh’s costume and other characters. Make this Halloween be more cheerful with these colorful costumes.

DIY Crayon Group Halloween Costume For Kids

Your kids and friends wearing crayon group Halloween costumes and they look so cute. Customize the sizes and colors as they like. Even adults can wear these costumes as well. Just match the size if you want. Don’t forget to take more pictures!

Nightmare Crue For Halloween

Well, they are so spooky with the costume. It seems like seeing Sally, Jack Skellington, Zero in front of your eyes, right. Be ready! They will come to your house and ask for some candies and cookies. Making these clothes will need several days. But, you will love the result.

Toy Story Group Halloween Costume

All family members will love to wear this Toy Story Group Halloween costume. It is almost any kid who loves to watch the Toy Story movie. So, it will be a great idea to bring the characters in a real-life with costumes. Like what has been done by the people in this picture. Cool, huh?

DIY Addams Family Group Costume

Everyone in this picture looks so spooky. Addams Family is a real Halloween feel that you can bring them to the real world in costume, of course. Can you imagine how Addams Family looks and apply them to your family costume? Who will be the spookiest person?

DIY Scooby Doo Group Costume

Making this Scooby Doo family costume is not hard. You only have to shop for similar clothes to what the characters have worn in the movie. Then, apply them to your family. Who will be Scooby and other characters should be prepared well. And, your family might look like them in the picture.



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