Every family likes to spend some time in the great outdoors exploring and having a great time. However, there are also those weekends where everyone is feeling a little lazy and would rather stay inside.

On these days, there are few things better to do than do some crafting. This can be a ton of fun, and allow for some quality time with the whole family. In addition to being fun, crafting can also benefit your mental health. It can reduce stress, improve your mood and simply make you a happier individual.

But with so many different crafting options out there, what should your family do? Without any further ado, let’s go over some of the best and most colorful crafts for lazy indoor weekends.

Paper Plate Crafts

One of the best and most simplest options out there are paper plate crafts. This type of craft involves using paper plates and a variety of other materials to create some incredible characters and landscapes.

These types of crafts can be whatever you want. You can make some of your child’s favorite animals, can make abstract art and can even make Halloween paper plate crafts if you so choose.

In addition to your paper plates, there are a variety of other materials you may consider using to take your craft to the next level. This includes paint, markers, glue, construction paper, googly eyes, tissue paper and anything else you can think of. The good news is, all the materials you need will be affordable and can be found at just about any craft store.

Tie-Dye Some Clothing

Few crafts are more colorful than tie-dying some clothing. This process can transform a simple white shirt into something absolutely beautiful, featuring many of you or your child’s favorite colors. Also, each tie-dyed item will be completely unique and is a piece of art you can wear. You can tie-dye shirts, shorts, pants, headbands, socks and anything else you’d like.

In addition to tie-dying different types of clothing, there are also many different patterns you can choose from. Of course, be sure children are always supervised when tie-dying as the dye can ruin furniture, clothing and other things if you’re not careful.

Painting a Picture

Crafting is often about using your imagination to create something truly wonderful. There are a lot of ways to do this, but a favorite of many is to paint a picture. All you need is a canvas, some paint and a paintbrush to create anything you want.

You can do portraits, paint landscapes or simply paint whatever you want. Also, letting your child choose what they should paint is a great way to encourage them to explore their creativity. You could also have a fun challenge where everyone paints the same thing and see who does the best. Simply put, there are several different ways you can spend a fun day in with your family painting pictures.

However, like with tie-dying, be sure to do this in a place you don’t mind getting a little messy, and ensure children are always supervised while painting.

Any of these crafts are a great option for making your lazy indoor weekends more colorful and fun.


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