Vintage items are versatile and timeless. That will be really awesome to give vintage decoration touches to your home. It doesn’t matter what the season is, vintage items work well with almost all styles. Furthermore, they are affordable and easy to make by hand. Doily crafts are sweet for almost any item you have. Pasting doilies to a bottle will make it appear more eye-catching and elegant. You are free to use doilies to spruce up your throw pillow as well. So, what doily crafts that you want to copy? Check out our lists to get more inspiration!

Beautiful Doily Wall Art

Beautiful daily wall art


If you want to add more artistic elements to your wall decor, framing doilies might be a nice idea. You don’t have to spend a lot of money because doilies are cheap. Display them in your living room and get a sweet vintage look. Easy, right?

Doily Christmas Three

Christmas threes aren’t just in green, you are free to customize the color you want. In this picture, we see creative doily Christmas trees in white that look so awesome. Made of some cutout paper doilies, the trees are nice for winter decoration as well.

Bottle Doily Decoupage

Rather than throw away your old wine bottles, it will be better for you to repurpose them all. In this picture, the creator changes the bottles’ look and function. Decoupaging paper doilies to the bottle directly give a sweet look. Use them as vases and display them in your living room.

Paper Doily Party Decoration

These lacy paper napkins are awesome. They are feminine enough to decorate a bridal shower, baby shower, or other parties. You only have to combine the paper doilies with napkins. These are not hard to make and will not spend a lot of money. Even, a DIY newbie can finish it in less than an hour.

Doily Throw Cushion

First of all, you need to buy paper doilies and attach them to the cushion. Then, stencil the cushion carefully. After that, remove the paper doilies. All the steps are easy to copy. But, you need to do carefully to not break the paper doilies. You can do so for other fabrics you have like napkins or others.

Spring Decor With Doilies

This easy spring centerpiece is what you need to improve your home decor. Just put on some lilies on a mason jar. Then, wrap it with paper doilies and tie it around with string. Put this cute vase in your living room to give a natural feeling.


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