You might able to decoupage old chairs and old tables, what about dresser? Since dressers are more complicated to makeover, decoupaging has become the easiest way ever to make it appears different. When it has shown the best look for many days, it is time to renew it with decoupaging. You might need patterned fabric, decoupage medium, and varnish. In this article, we are going to share our lists of dresser decoupage ideas that you need to see. Check them out further!

Empire Dresser Decoupage

Empire dresser decoupage


Look at this empire dresser with white bones and a glossy black surface on the top that is so elegant. The creator makes this dresser more mind-blowing by decoupaging. If you want to do so, prepare patterned fabric, mod podge, and bright paisley.

Dresser With Botanical Beauty

Decoupaging your old dresser with printed botanical beauty might be a better idea. It will be much better than buying the new one. This dresser will add a fresh and natural feeling to your bedroom decor instantly after you have done your project. Botanical beauty patterns are versatile and work well for all home decorations.

Black and White Decoupaging

Print an old black and white photo in oversize style. Then, use it to decoupage your dresser. This style will never go out of date. Furthermore, it looks awesome any season. So, you don’t have to change its decor annually. We love the picture that is so artistic. Put this dresser in your living room to fill the empty space with beautiful decor.

Ikea Hack Dresser With Decoupage

If you want to change your Ikea dresser look, try this decoupage style. The owner prints the picture of the mama and the baby elephant. They remind us about the beauty of nature and warm relationships. Sure, it will not need a lot of money. Because decoupaging is affordable for almost anyone who wants it.

DIY Tapestry Dresser

This dresser looks more artistic with decoupage. The creator uses fabric to spruce up the dresser with the decoupage technique. Feel free to decide the color you want but black and white here appears more elegant and chic to any room decoration. You might need several hours to finish this project.

Coloring Book Decoupaged Dresser

What about this dresser? It works well for your little boy’s room. The creator uses a coloring book to decoupage the dresser. And, the result is awesome. How can a drawing book change this dresser instantly? You can do so, as soon as possible.


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